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Bug reports in v30

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CTD durning encounter with party in North forest.

Tobex log: ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x84C3C1 File: ObjAnimation.cpp Line: 20514 Expression: !(m_weaponCode&MELEE_1HLR_MASK) Message: (null)

Tried it on BG2 GOG, Windows 7 x64


I have experienced that one too, it's because of a creature using an illegal combination of dual wielding and a ranged weapon. Not actually SCS's fault; the creature has this in the vanilla game too, but the bug never gets triggered there because it's not scripted to use its ranged weapon.


The offending creature is ar18prie.cre, who has a mace +1 in his shield slot and a sling in his second weapon slot, which is not normally possible and the animation engine cannot handle it.


You can use DLTCEP or NearInfinity to put a shield into its shield slot instead. Or unzip the file I have attached in your BG2 directory, this puts a fixed ar18prie.cre in your override directory. (However, it won't use SCS scripting then.)


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I don't know. It's not exactly a new problem, I have encountered messages about it over at SHS as well. I'm not even sure who, if anyone, is maintaining the BG2 Fixpack, it doesn't seem to have been updated in a long time.

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I think it is pretty safe to consider the BG2 Fixpack as no longer maintained by anyone.


Mm. Well I suppose I could edit the Fixpack to include this fix, it would be three, four lines at max. I think the BWP people are doing something with it though, the version of BWP Fixpack I have patches the BG2 Fixpack to "v11 Alpha 1". Maybe I'll drop a message on the Fixpack forum later, see if anyone responds.

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Hello David


Here is a suggestion, not a bug report:


It's somehow not an impossible mission to reach 100% resistance of physical damage like slashing, and more easier if other mod exist.

I think maybe it's more rational if enemies can check the damage type of their weapon-in-use, and the resistance with same type of there targets, and make a choice, attack the ones below a certain percentage like 80% first.

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I've installed BGEE (with SOD) with couple of mods using BWS. And then find that enemy spellcasters (like Tarnesh and Silke) don't attack when combat starts. Just stand still and do nothing. Then i've reinstalled the game with all mods WITHOUT SCS and bug is gone. So I suggest it is a SCS bug or compatibility problem with some other mod. Does anyone know what it might be?

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