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So I believe FPPS is compatible with IWD, and it is compatible with TOB/Tutu/BGT, and it is compatible with BGEE and BG2EE.


But it is NOT compatible with IWDEE (aka an updated IWD-in-BG2 with EE enhancements). In my extensive testing*, it installs and Weidu throws up no errors; but it has zero effect on in-game armors.


Is anyone maintaining, or even paying attention to, this mod? It's so great, so adaptable... it's so sad to see it slip into obscurity, and watch other bigger mods like IR re-invent the wheel in much more limited ways, instead of simply distributing an IR-themed version of thebiglist.txt and recommending FPPS.


* (Install once, play game, go to G3 to complain that it doesn't work)

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Btw for any readers who happen upon this, I have this mod working on IWDEE (on an iPad, no less!) Here's how:


1) Open "setup-fullplate.tp2" from inside the "fullplate" folder, using a good text editing software (CONtext on Windows, Textwrangler on Mac).


2) Search for "totlm" and you should find this line:


  OUTER_SPRINT gameiam ~totlm~
  PRINT ~ IWD: ToTLM...~

3) Simply add IWDEE into that first line, so that it looks like this:




4) Install normally. Good to go!



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