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Very cool! Minor nitpick that it only displays 8 chars.

Well, the picture is in 713px × 542px size... at say 1024x768 with is the largest working screen mode without the Widescreen mod, you have enough to fill in the 2 others.
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This is cool -


I would guess the 8 is just about the max most folks would actually mod in dialog for. From a dialogue and party story control standpoint, 6 is a lot but manageable, 8 is tougher, and anything over that games build into squads for management reasons. 8 is about the maximum you can have in a large conversation on screen in a movie or in a story, and even then it tends to break into smaller "groups" or factions.


I know combat folks like more and more, but


pc "Heya. Got something to say?"

npc1 "nope"

npc2 "nope"

npc3 "nope"

npc4 "nope"

npc5 "nope"

npc6 "nope"

npc7 "nope"


is tough enough - building interplay between that many voices is... Daunting.

As a referent, only a very few mods build any content at all that goes past pc + 2; most deal only with 1+1 dialogues. The ones that do often pass the same kind of line between "probably not in the same install of 6 and in party at the same time". As one of the few modders that actually attempt all-available-unique-lines-for every-npc-at-the-same-time, I can say that it would be cool to see that content; I can also say that writing it is bloody hard.

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Jarno, I doubt widescreen touches the framed views — I think it only expands the surrounding frame. The original used direct gpu scaling (the whole gui) for some of the unlockable resolutions too.


Bill: as I said, this is control shrinking, so 10 would fit, just all the portrait buttons would be even smaller, with more obvious clipping.


With two extra npcs, there's "only" 56x more combinations, but with 10 or more ... boom.

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Jarno, I doubt widescreen touches the framed views — I think it only expands the surrounding frame.

Yeah. But the idea is that as the frame is larger, you can place more stuff into it.

Anyways, I don't thing that the idea of having more than 5 NPCs in a chat(as in participate into a single dialog is going to be the main attraction of this, but having more and especially different kinds of dialogs between the party members, due to the fact that there's more of them is the main point, kinda like jastey implied. I'll say that about 10 is more than enough for this and also the tactical fi.. ok it's more like berserker mode x2 with "who gets killed todays?" :devlook: ... ghting. :D :D

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I personally think having interactions between 10 NPCs is going to be awesome =) As it is they interject occasionally, which is how I like it - I'd almost rather they interjected more frequently, as long as the writing is good. I'm very exited for the next full release of GemRB so I can do a giant BGT playthrough with a full 10 party =D

One thing I was wondering about, though, was hitpoints scaling for enemies. As it stands, I feel like many kinds of enemies, especially in BG1, are too weak. Without any special powers, mobs of kobolds, hobgoblins, gibberlings, etc, are just cannon fodder for any well-planned party. If they had, say, double HP, they might present a significant obstacle... But as it is I can just mow through them, and with 10pp it might get even worse. SCS helps make enemies smarter, which is great, but it only makes a few tougher, which is something I would really like to do.

Do you have any suggestions for toughening up enemies in 10pp? Something like the increase of HP in Nightmare Mode in BGEE, via modding, would be good, but I'd like to be able to configure it. Thoughts?

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The simplest thing to do is to weaken yourself. You're already getting less xp, but you could also make it worse. It's simple to set (just a 2da), so you'd get less xp from each event or even give yourself a luck penalty. XP mod is also possible depending on your wisdom, so you could penalize yourself for using it as a dump stat.

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Hi there, dunno if it is the right place to post it, correct me if I'm wrong :)


I tried to install the mod, but I've encountered some problems that I can't figure it.


I'm trying to install the mod on bg1, I just installed the widescreen mod before. I'm running windows 10 with strawberry perl installed (x64)


While installing the mod I see this message:




Any ideas what's wrong? I tried two different installer version, but still got this error.

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It's this trigger that's supposed to be present in bg1 too (says IESDP):

0x4076 OpenState(O:Object*,I:Open*BOOLEAN)


However, I can confirm it's missing from my gog bg1 install. The file has empty lines instead of a few triggers in it, starting with that one, huh. Copy the bold stuff in the end to the end of trigger.ids to fix it and put the file in override/:


(you can get it with weidu --biff-get trigger.ids)


actually here's the list from the finding post of 2004:

0x4076 OpenState(O:Object*,I:Open*BOOLEAN)
0x4077 NumItems(S:ResRef*,O:Object*,I:Num*)
0x4078 NumItemsGT(S:ResRef*,O:Object*,I:Num*)
0x4079 NumItemsLT(S:ResRef*,O:Object*,I:Num*)
0x407A NumItemsParty(S:ResRef*,I:Num*)
0x407B NumItemsPartyGT(S:ResRef*,I:Num*)
0x407C NumItemsPartyLT(S:ResRef*,I:Num*)
0x407D IsOverMe(O:Object*)

It's not related to this mod, so it should probably be mentioned to gog. It failed because it tried to recompile a script from an area from Tales of the Sword Coast (fifth level of Durlag's tower), which is supposed to be fully bundled in the package.

Edited by lynx
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It worked great thank you very much for fast answer!


Just for google indexing reason I'll put this here:


Fixing scripts...
Copying and patching 729 files ...
[d:\games\bg_it\/DATA/SCRIPTS.BIF] 920621 bytes, 729 files, 0 tilesets
ERROR: cannot resolve trigger 0x4076
ERROR: [AR0514.BCS] -> [10pp/temp/baf/AR0514.BCS] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_fo
Stopping installation because of error.
ERROR Installing [Maximum party size extender for IEScript (usable with GemRB on
ly)], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall 4 files for [10pp/setup-10pp.tp2] component 0.
Uninstalled 4 files for [10pp/setup-10pp.tp2] component 0.
ERROR: Not_found
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