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Keldorn's family


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In Keldorn's family quest, you gain XP if he's in the party when he reconciles with Maria, but not if he does so on your advice, but alone--despite the fact that it's a private moment a good PC could very well feel reluctant to intrude on, you've already done everything you can do by bringing him to confront Sir William, and both Aerie and Jaheira express the opinion that it's wrong to intrude on Keldorn's private moments. Do we call the lack of XP if he's not in the party at the quest's denouement a bug?

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I think it'd count as a bug, but it's not terribly far off the issue of getting 100,000 XP for romancing Jaheira. (Yeh, okay, differences...) I'd say add it, but I dunno if Cam wants to keep this OMG 100% PURE LOLZ, in which case it'd probably be a good new Oversight component.

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Added a new file, obc.d, to the dialogue folder. This is fixed as follows in d code:


// if keldorn reconciles with Maria, you only get XP if Keldorn is in the party at time of reconciliation
// this gives XP if you confront Sir William and then release Keldorn

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