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which weidu version?

Guest silas

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I'm having trouble installing mods in Mac OS X. So here's a question which may be unrelated to the problem, but would still be good to know.


I've had success installing PC Weidu mods by downloading Weidu-Mac, and renaming it Setup-*ModName* to run it. I'm using Weidu-Mac v167. Now, the G3 mods packaged for Mac use have theis own installers, some of which seem to be using older versions of Weidu, eg v155. Would it be better practice to treat it like a PC mod and use the newer version of Weidu (installing from the command line), rather than just clicking the .command file that comes with the mod?

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Probably a good idea, yeah. Unlike their PC equivalent, OS X WeiDU does not auto-update. The whole reason we package it is for the ease-of-use for our oS X players--so if you don't mind doing the extra step, more power to you. :)


Whenever we package OS X mods, we use the most recent version available. In the odd case where we need a newer version than is currectly available (for example, we're waiting for OS X WeiDU 168 for Oversight v4 since it needs the REPLACE_TEXTUALLY fixes) we delay release. So you can always be assured that the WeiDU packaged with a G3 mod is of a high enough release, even if it doesn't have the latest bells and whistles.

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Turns out my difficulties were caused by the SoA installation, not the mods. I've been installing them with Weidu v167 and it's worked great -- though the included installer would probably work fine too.

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