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"Never in a million years."


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Ouch! Major burn there. Right to my male dwarven heart. Rejection hurts! But that's okay. I'm a dwarf. I am resilient and awesome. I know it takes a bit for people to warm up to me. Shrug it off. I'll wear him down!


Then I got to the conversation about potatoes and I so wanted to give him a hug. But knowing how prickly Vynd is, he likely would have stabbed me. In the chest. Again. Only with a knife this time instead of words.


Then there was the conversation about flails. And this is where I realized I loved him and I still mean nothing to him. Sigh. I guess he just isn't ready to be loved yet. Likely he thinks I will be out to kill him at same point. So I can be his friend. In the end he'll realize that I mean him no ill will and though my life span is only half of his, I'll be around to darken his doorstep the entire time.


In all seriousness, I love this mod. I have not loved a mod this much since Nathaniel for BG2. Vynd is such an interesting character. Talkative too, which I still find surprising. He does not seem like the type of person to talk much about his past. Maybe I really am wearing him down! I think what I love most about the mod is that I do not have to handle Vynd with kiddie gloves. I have yet to tell him to stop talking to me, so I do not know what would happen in the long run; but short of that, I can say pretty much anything in the dialogue options and he takes it like a champ.


This is a brilliant friendship mod. Thank you for making it!

Any plans to make him available for BG2?


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Oh, I forgot to mention the voice acting.


It is very well done! Seriously, the recording is phenominal. It sounds really professional and if I did not know better, I would think it was actually recorded by BioWare. Every time I hear Vynd talk I am seriously impressed.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the mod, but I can't take credit for the voice. It's just an Icewind Dale soundset.


BG2 Vynd will be my first project after I've finished my other NPCs for BG1. Progress on this has been slow lately due to work & me being a lazy bastard, but it's coming.

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