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Another Quick question


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A different, but still quick question:

I'm about to install the Level One NPCs mod just to change one NPC (Valygar) and I'd like to know if I HAVE TO go through all the class&skills&so on choosing for ALL the NPCs? I want to have all the rest just how they were made so I don't want to go through all of this with every NPC i will get (especially the HP will be different, as I neither want to have max of them (easy mode), nor having them random (hard), but just how they were designed to have (apart from Valygar of course) - I just want to know if there is an option of NOT changing the NPC

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You just need to install the first(or already have it installed) and the Valygar NPC component, and you can push the answer n to all the others(except the first one, which like I said is required for all the other components, duh). So yes, you can skip the rest. And you actually should until you know what you wish them to be.

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