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Struggling with Installation (Mac OSX)


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I'm terribly confused. I didn't double post at all.


I'm trying to install the mod into BG2EE on steam and struggling quite a bit. Even after following the readme instructions and the help section, I still get the same error of 'bad interpreter: no such file or directory' every time I attempt to run the .command file. Is there any solution to this? I'm a bit computer illiterate, but I will provide screenshots if that will help.


EDIT: I realized after some research that a program called weidu is necessary for most installs. I think I've successfully installed the mod, but I'm not certain. What's the earliest point in the game at which I can tell if I've been successful or not?

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Welcome to G3!


I'm no expert on OSX version, but usually if you can install other mods(like Tweaks or Banter pack), you can install them all. If it worked for you in the end, glad it did!


As for checking, when you arrive to the Promenade, visit the Mithrest Inn - Sheri the Bard shall be there. Or open the Readme and check any other encounter with a new character.

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Ghmm, or you could just open the weidu.log file in your game directory and check if it has the setup-RE.tp2's name in it, as it lists the mods and components and other details. This is also clearer, as if you check an area in game you have already visited in the save, the RE's content won't be there as it only exists in new games, as the saves contain the visited area's local data details.

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I'm having the same issue. I've followed the readme and nothing helps. I've tried the weidu log and the RE stuff isn't on there. I have mods on there already and they seem to load up fine. This is not the most recent version of the game, though (from GOG.com) and I've been running just the fix pack, tweaks and Unfinished Business mods for a couple months, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance.

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