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Beta_Luridel now available (current to 30.06.2015 | 6/30/2015)

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Latest beta with all BiG World or other mega-batch installer support,

recognises EET,

a custom .log file set that updates so that even if you install and then change components (thus wiping out the .DEBUG file information from the initial install),

All content up to 6/30/2015 (that's also 30.6.2015) put into place.


For those that don't "get git", the following sequence should help you out -


1. Click on the link.

2. look for the part that says "Downloads"

3. click on one of the "Source Code" lines, either .zip or tar.gz

4. extract that file to your desktop or some drive somewhere

5. Go into the folder you just extracted ("Aran-Whitehand-Beta_Luridel")

6. Copy the folder "aranw" and the file "setup-aranw.exe" into your mod installation directory (leave the .gitattributes and the undefined file "README" alone


and you are ready to go.


If you are on Linux or Mac, you don't want that "setup-aranw.exe", you want to use the latest WeiDU for your system. WARNING: untested on Linux or Mac.


Secondary warning -


Female PCs can get themselves into some (a good deal of) adult content similar to Romantic Encounters, Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters, and several of the more explicit NPCs. Luckily, there are tons of ways of diverting him from "going there", but consider everyone warned :)

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Can you update the TODO sticky too? It's really hard to gauge the general status of the mod, if this is supposed to be played yet and if there are any caveats.

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