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Alternatives v11: Bugs? Typos? Report them here.


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Please post any bugs or typos here. Make sure to specifiy the game you are playing (BGII, BGT, or BGII:EE) and which version of the mod (Windows, Mac, Linux).

If possible, please post your WeiDU.log so we can see which other mods were installed.

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Reporting a bug...


Once I accept the help of either the Paladin or the Garishly Dressed Man and we get the video of Irenicus taking over Spellhold. Once we return to either the Docks district (by the lighthouse) or the Five Flagons, my characters have gone missing/invisible/disappeared. Their coloured circles appear on the map but not on the actual screen. When I click on their images they make their noise and I can select the invisible group and try to take them out but nothing happens as there are not there.


For your information, I have the following mods installed and I am playing on BG2 EE with Windows 10:


Dungeon Be Gone

Tales of the Deep Garden


Wheels of Prophecy

Unfinished Business


Colours of Infinity - I shall never forget

Dungeon Crawl

BG2 Tweaks

Back to Brynnlaw


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Which version of the mod? Did you try going the original way, too (Shadow Thieves, Bodhi)? Did it also happen if the mod was uninstalled (for one of the original paths, obviously)? -I have no idea what happened to your party members, sorry.

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Hello! A problem appears with the 2nd floor of the five flagons; Trying to go there causes the game to crash, wether through the stairs or with the clua command. I've installed BGII soa and the Windows version of the mod Alternative. De Arnise Romance is the only other mod installed, I don't even think that I've installed any patch.



// Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
// The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
// ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ :

~ALTERNATIVES/SETUP-ALTERNATIVES.TP2~ #2 #0 // Alternatives: v11
~DEARNISE/SETUP-DEARNISE.TP2~ #0 #0 // de'Arnise Romance for Baldur's Gate II, v2

I tried copy the area anew from the cd, as well as uninstalling the game and uninstalling each mod separately, and it seems Alternatives provokes it, as I can do this action only when the mod is absent.
Regarding the progression, it went well with the cut-scene between Brega and Wessalen, meeting Malficus in the Slums and telling him I won't run away, and having a messenger giving me the rdv in the five flagons. Finally, I played a bit before trying to go to the 2nd floor and no other problems has appeared thus far.


Thanks for any answer.

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Thanks for mentioning you haven't patched the game. That might be the cause of your problem.


Check here http://www.shsforums.net/topic/41036-faq-for-the-megamods/ and scroll down to the section numbered 2.3 -- Install game patches. Make sure you are using the recommended patch version for your game type (assume you have TOB...?)


Also recommend you install BG2 Fixpack and make sure to enable 3D Animations in baldur.ini

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Thank you for the tip.


Here's 2016, the v.2.0.22956 is finally updated into .23037 :laugh: Also added the bg2 fixpackv10. Nalia's Keep, I'll miss your combo with another stronghold.

I considered better to uninstall the mods before implemanting first Baldur'sGateII-ShadowsofAmnPatchEUROPE, then BG2 fixpack and finally only the Alternatives mod. Doesn't visibly change the bug, neither does turning off and on the 3D animation. Additionally, all saves no matter how old are impacted in this particular zone. It doesn't definitely break my game, as I could turn the mod off to resolve it, but I'm currently playing a Helm's priest for whom it would be far easier to not engage with rascals like those thieves.

As it is, if you have another idea...

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Hi Lumin, first thank you for your detailed steps of bug-hunting, especially deinstalling the mod to verify it's the culprit. Very much appreciated.


Would you please do the following: For installed Alternatives, would you please cheat in:






and tell me which one causes the crash?

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Hi! It's me who should thank for the response and monitoring. I'm amazed that a quite old game still arise exchanges. Knowledge is created everyday.


Both can be summoned on the 1st floor, talked to, bought from Vhellon and given gold for Aster. Although I still can't go to 2nd floor without crash.

For some further details on the check I did, I alternatively uninstalled both mod, the area was accessible on every configuration aside from when Alternatives is installed, alone or with DeArnise; I created a save while on the 2nd floor which also provoke a crash when loaded with Alternatives on.

What's more, Alternatives is set on the french traduction version.


Thank you for the creatures code, the bug is now annoying but seems to permit being played around.

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I am a loss here. All Alternatives does to the area 2nd floor flagons is spawning these two creatures and setting some variables (putting this here for another pair of eyes to spot something I missed):

    RESPONSE #100 

    RESPONSE #100 

    RESPONSE #100 

If the two characters do not crash the game (e.g. by a missing animation or something like this), I am clueless. I know berelinde coded her mods with the G3 fixpack installed, but since all Alternatives does is patching the area's script with the above blocks, I don't know what would make the area crash if it is installed. I have to put this on the list until someone is able to replicate this. (Sorry for not being much help, although if you now can talk to Aster after cheating her in, you'll probably be able to go the paladin's route to Spellhold.)

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Could be the location or facing arguments for the CreateCreature() calls on second floor are problematic in some way? We could try modifying the area script with NI to use [-1.-1] location and 0 facing.


Lumin, do you have the Near Infinity tool?

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I must tell that I'm not familiar with what you refer to, agb, but I can say that I haven't purposefuly got the near infinity tool.

The problem could lie with something else than Alternatives, since I only thought of the method I described to corner it.

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