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540 x 960 & GemRB

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The Widescreen Mod doesnt supports resolutions X - below 640, (i'm trying gemrb).

My tablet has a native resolution of 540 x 960 - Alcatel OneTouch Easy pixi 7.

Is there any way to set the native resolution or can I set higher resolution than the native? (I have no xperience with tablets)


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Widescreen mod can do anything from 641x481 up with the GemRP settings(if I remember it correctly)... yeah, so you just have to look it up vertically as horizontally(or the other way around, whatever) as the Graphical User interface will not fit into the screen in the games. Which is partially why the 641 x ??? and ??? x 481 are the minimum specs. So just set it to 960 x 540 and you should be golden.

AKA, look it at from this angle, with that resolution:


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