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CBPv15 Prep: Lava, Kulyok, please read this!

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OK, Lava, lots of stuff in the old v15 thread that you had a hand in - awesome work.


Before I go crazy trying to create little files and folders and integrate all this stuff, I need to be sure it is tested. Even better, if you could please look it over, and slap it into the format that Kulyok and Rhaella used in their submissions, it would help out a huge amount - and it would be great for your testing, too. You might be able to bribe Kulyok to help.


Here is what I have that is currently not yet in v15...

Kulyok Tiax / Lava Quayle banters

Xan-Yoshimo Romance Kulyok / Lava

ToB crossmod for Swylif NPC and Tiax NPC Kulyok / Lava

Lava / Kulyok



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