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CBPv15 Prep: Smiling Imp, Lava, please read this!

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Hey there - for the stuff that the two of you have worked through, I need to check on some stuff. Especially what is already included in Smiling Imp's Crossmod Banter Pack. If it is in that mod and working, then we can depreciate those items and have a sister-mod.


Smiling Imp - how much of this is already in http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=196?


I have the following content that looks like you want it in here and is only code posting, not a tested package, and some of it is Lava's, and some of it is Smiling Imp's.


Lava and Smiling Imp

Smiling Imp / Lava (petsy, Aeon, Varshoon)

Smiling Imp / Sister V's Angelo - quick note - I can throw something you write into the readme, but I can't put "these banters are not thematically compatible with the rest of SV's storyline if PC is in a romance with Angelo". What do you want me to do with them?

Smiling Imp - downloaded file is confirmed tested, right?

Smiling Imp - tested these?

And these?

and these?

ESPECIALLY this one as you were not sure of the coding for dialog files:

Smiling Imp Shar and Xzar / kitanna's Neh'taniel

Smiling Imp

Smiling Imp / Kitanya

Smiling Imp / Zraen ( Kiara & Ziaya )

Smiling Imp /Horace

Smiling Imp / Rastor
recheck on testing status - working in-game?



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Yep - looks like all of the content here is put into that mod, so I am backing out the one Smiling Imp entry for Montaron/Xzar since it is already over there.


Thank you for the files - a test package is waiting for you at SHS in your messenger box, Lava! I was able to install most of it (I don't think I had Petsy or Quayle on the install).

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