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Friendship in mods

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Oh, I am not in a hurry. First I got to play the Kotor games and hopefully Bg1tutu with the Bg 1 Npcmod. If Domi reads this, which Bg 1 npc will have a friendship with a male pc, if this npc is a woman and can be romanced, I think I will romance her. Maybe some friendly bonding with Kivan, Xzar or Edwin?


And the Amber mod is one of the npc's I will romance. It sounds really good what you are making.

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Hmm... let me think.


- Imoen has a bunch of talks with PC througout the game (about 10 or so)

- Kivan (about 10 or so, but some need rep>12)

- Shar-Teel has 'interest' sequence of about 8 talks if you have high charisma, high strength and rep <12 (talk to Lord Foreshadow to get the ring of char w/o having Jaheira in the party)

- Xan and Xzar both have about 5

- Jaheira and Ajantis generally have a lot to say as you go through the game

- Edwin, Garrick, Viconia, Faldorn, Dynaheir, Coran all have about 4


the rest of the NPCs will have 1 to 3 talks with PC.


Branwen's and Dynaheir's romance should be out some time in the spring, I think. Both have long friendship sequences before becoming intimate.

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