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Crossmod Banter Pack 15 + Troubleshooting Guide

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Crossmod Banter Pack 15 + Troubleshooting Guide
Versions of Crossmod Banter Pack higher than v14 have an additional troubleshooting tool available to players and modders. In the mod folder itself (../crossmodbg2), you will find between 0 and 3 files named


These files are built on installation of an individual component, and are only touched when that particular component is manipulated.

WeiDU.log, SETUP-CROSSMODBG2.DEBUG, and crossmod_0_debug.log

WeiDU.log is your go-to file for determining what mods you have installed, and in what order they are layered onto the base game.

SETUP-CROSSMODBG2.DEBUG is a file created by WeiDU that gives modders and troubleshooters a great deal of information about *whatever was run last during setup of the mod*. That means that if you have uninstalled a component, or you have changed component 2 but not 0 or 1, this file will only have information on the last component it dealt with. Mega-mod folks using batch files or other installers that separate each component out and run them (behind the scenes) as individual command-line calls may not have access to information on what has happened on any other component during an install via this file.

crossmod_0_debug.log (SoA Banters and Interjections)
crossmod_1_debug.log (ToB Banters)
crossmod_2_debug.log (Romance Cutoffs)
These files "float" with the status of the component, giving you a simplified, interpreted, and condensed read of what SETUP-CROSSMODBG2.DEBUG would have said. If you have only installed Componentt 2, "Romance Conflicts", only that file will be in your ../crossmodbg2 folder. This file will have a line printed for each of the banters, telling you if it was installed or if it was skipped.


Sample Files From Install







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