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BG1 Soundset Subtitles

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SOUNDOFF.IDS starts off soundsets, defining what letter goes with which comment.


CSOUND.2DA connects the comment letter to a line number in CHARSND.2DA.


CHARSND.2DA lists the strings for each comment. Or is should. And this is where my problem starts. The "Custom" sounds (which are the "default" in the character screen) are found in the WAV folder, not the SOUNDS folder, and the strings for the female and male reference to files that don't exist. The only soundsets that have subtitles are the "default" ones.


I've cobbled together a mod to add a soundset, adding the strings to the sounds so I can have subtitles. It installs, everything looks good in NI, except that the added soundset is not found. Not in the SOUNDS, OVERRIDE or WAV folders.


Is there some WeiDU command needed for the CHITIN.KEY to add the sound files to its file list?

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It seems there were a few posts lost on this thread in the restoration process, but my research continued into this issue.


Here are my CHARSND.2DA observations so far.

There are eight columns of soundsets: MALE ("default" male), FEMALE ("default" female), and CUSTOM1 through CUSTOM6.

MALE and FEMALE are the only soundsets to have working subtitles, the sounds are located in the .WAV directory as MAINM##.WAV and MAINF##.WAV, are numbered (not lettered) consistant with the NPC soundsets, and the strings are flagged/labeled MAIN MALE 3 and MAIN FEMALE 3.

CUSTOM1 through CuSTOM5 are linked to non-existant .WAV files (PC2MA#, PC3MA#, PC4MA#, PC4FE# and PC5FE#). CUSTOM6 is linked to VOIC6#.WAV files, and the sounds and subtitles don't match. CUSTOM1 through CUSTOM5 are numbered almost the same as NPC soundsets except there are no lead zero's for 3, 8 and 9. The strings are flagged/labeled Voic1a-m through Voic6a-m.

CUSTOM6 Voic6# Voic6#

From Dan Simpson's FAQ/Walkthrough:

I noticed (using the playsound ingame cheat) that the number of the file for each character is connected with its function in the game, as follows:

1 - Introduction
In battle:
2 - Morale Break
3 - Battlecry
Comments on party's reputation and actions:
4 - Happy
5 - Unhappy
6 - Angry
7 - Breaking Point
Comments on personal status:
8 - Made Leader
9 - Tired
10 - Bored
11 - Wounded
Comments on environment:
12 - Forest
13 - City
14 - Dungeon
15 - Daytime
16 - Nighttime
Comments toward player:
17-19 - Selected
20-22 - Commanded
23-26 - Annoyed
Comments toward NPCs:
27-37 - Various Banterings
Comments on death:
38 - Generic Death
39 - Specific Death

I corrected 2 and 3 in the list above since Dan Simpson had them reversed.

All NPC soundset sounds are 5 characters plus two numbers (i.e. AJANT01), and in general number through 41. Imoen has no 29 or anything over 30. Coran has an added 49 and 50. Edwin has an added 42 through 48. Missing sounds are generally 3, 4, and 12 through 16.

Dan Simpson has a listing of all sounds and their subtitles (though not their .wav name) in his FAQ/Walkthrough.

I tried using the NPC numbering system. It installed but F_Bard## shows up in the sound screen in game multiple times (F_Bard0 thru F_Bard3) as it apparently reads the first number as a soundset. As a result no sounds played. F_Bard1 showed up as F_Bard10 through F_Bard13. I tried installing to the override folder but the soundset did not show up in the sound customization screen. I also learned the character sound screen does not rely on or refer to CHARSND.2da but reads directly from the sounds folder.

How they get the MALE and FEMALE soundsets to work is beyond me, though I haven't quite given up yet.

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in iwds, the sounds need to be put into a folder. Its name then appears in the sound list.


the "verbal constants" should already be documented on iesdp and are included in the dltcep cre editor part.

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Could I get a link to the Dan Simpson stuff? Thanks!

Try GameFAQs.com. He has faqs and walkthroughs for BG, BG2, IWD and PST, among other games.

in iwds, the sounds need to be put into a folder. Its name then appears in the sound list.


the "verbal constants" should already be documented on iesdp and are included in the dltcep cre editor part.

My problem is with BG. I've created a mod to import the additional IWD2 soundsets into IWD1, including subtitles. BG and BG2 are different creatures altogether, though I haven't tried a soundset folder in the sounds directory yet. I suspect that won't work, however, since BG looks only to the sounds folder for sets.

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bgs used [a-z0-9_] suffixes on the soundsets, so just rename yours — it needs to be a single character.

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