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Better Call for help - refinement

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Hello DavidW!


I don't know when you are going to read this since we didn't see you for quite some time but I drop a few lines to tell you about a few glitches with the Better Call for Help component of SCS.


I am playing the BG1 part of a BGT game and I noticed how a few NPCs would turn hostile and leave their appointed position just to initiate a dialogue with one of the party members ignoring the fact that a battle is ongoing, pretty much breaking encounter and immersion.


In particular, this behavior has been observed in the Cloakwood Mine levels. Some NPC guards (iron3.cre, iron4.cre, iron7.cre and iron11.cre) should ignore the shouts and stay at their place.


I'll update this thread, if needed.




UPDATE: I realize I posted this in the wrong forum - I used the latest version of SCS (30)

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