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Two questions on this mod

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You need to have either the BG2 ToB cd in or the CD2 to get into the game. Just like with normal BG2. Or what ever cd it asks. Of course you also had better have the game fully installed... but that doesn't prevent the game from asking for the CD, as it's a check that you haven't rented and thus returned the CD. Aka, it's a CD check, not actual useful feature of having the CD in the drive. So it's the old type DRM test.

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Hmm, well, back again... ;) 

So, installing the game after some trouble (as per this thread previously) and playing it on and off for a while, I have reached about the end of Ch 2:


Upon returning to Kuldahar from Dragon's Eye with the Heartstone Gem, I need to go to Arundel's house to "report" to him to finish the quest, and, more or less, the chapter.

However, while I can move around Kuldahar without problems, and seem to be able to enter most other "inside areas" - smithy, mage tower, etc., upon trying to enter Arundel's house, the game starts saving and then crashes, leaving me on the desktop, with a black rectangle in the upper-left part of the screen; Task Manager says the application is not responding.

I was wondering if this could be an

a) bug,

b) corrupted save, or

c) as my HDD is quite filled up at the moment, insufficient disk space for virtual memory or anything similar;

d) or, of course, something yet other. 

If anyone could suggest what the cause of this might be, and how to go about resolving it, I would be indebted.

As usually, should any additional information be needed, please let me know.


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Nothing, then?

I was thinking of trying to teleport to the area using the console to see if it would turn out any better, but as this is the BG engine (so, I assume, BG console "rules"?), and IWD content, I wasn't quite sure what to use.

Also, in case the area somehow got corrupted (evidently, I have been to this area before, even if only to get the quest - unless there is another copy of it for this point in the game), I imagine I might try to re-copy it from my regular IWD installation, but I do not see a separate file there, so not perfectly sure what to copy, if anything... 😋

Finally, if it is a matter of a corrupted save file, would a save file editor be of any help?


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