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No MotB epilogue for Neeshka (Spoilers)

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I didn't get epilogue for Neeshka, a bit disappointing.


"...you need to reject the MotB love interest and specify which OC character you romanced; talk to Ammon Jerro and express hope that the loved one is alive..."


I told Safiya in flirt dialogue that i was taken.

I returned soul to Ammon Jerro and talked about survivors, chose all Neeshka choices.

I rejected Safiya before entering to gate.


After going through gate there was no dialogue with Ammon to express hope that loved on is alive, like said in mod description. Bug? Didn't do something?



Anyways.. mod was ok.. I hoped there was romance quests and more dialogue, but this was more like bioware style "just before last battle, i love you, kiss, fade black, never talk about love anymore" romance.

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