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Voice files without white-noise


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Hey all,


I've modified all the voice files from Tyris Flare and removed the white noice. Also removed a mouseclick sound and the end of a few recording and one chair squeak! ;)


Reason for this is I'm playing with headphones and the white noise and static bothered me a bit, especially on the more frequent sounds or her "Watch your step, attack could come at any time" line. (which i also reduced the volume a bit)




(i didn't include the oggdec.exe as people are always suspecious of executables)


Just drop the folder here ..\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\tyrisflare\audio\ogg and overwrite existing .ogg files.


then reinstall the mod as i think the installer converts them to wav and puts them in \Baldur's Gate II\override\


I'm by all means no professional audio editor nor do i have professional audio equipment. This has been done with audacity.


I thought someone might find it useful.


Good job on the mod grim squeaker!





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