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Unearthed Arcana presents Might & Guile: tweaks and kits for warriors and rogues

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Here is another update, to v1.5:




This contains the following changes:


- Bonuses for Charisma should work now.


- Called shots can now be used at will by the Archer, Marksman, Sniper, Slinger, and Elven Archer... but you are held in place for the round while you use them. Another called shot is added, the Hammer Shot, which adds blunt damage on a failed save by the target.


- More goodies for Beastmasters: they can summon a Spirit Wolf (just like the Totemic Druid's) from 1st level.


- Slight changes to light/heavy weapons in the IWO: light weapons (short sword, dagger, club, spear, quarterstaff) give an overall +1 thac0 bonus. Medium weapons (long sword, scimitar, wakizashi, axe, mace, and war hammer) give a +1 thac0 bonus to off-hand attacks only. And heavy weapons (bastard sword, katana, flail, and morning star) give a -1 *penalty* to off-hand thac0 for being unsuitable for dual-wielding. (I advise that you do not combine this with Item Revisions' "dual-wielding changes for light/heavy weapons" component - they achieve similar goals by different means, and should probably not be stacked together.)



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As of version 1.5, Might & Guile component 255 (Revised Rangers) adds a reference to SPCL625 (spirit wolf shapeshift?) in CLABRN04.2DA (Beastmaster class abilities) but does not install the innate spell itself. SPCL625 does not exist in the original BG games (non-EE), so this is problematic.

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I'll carve out an exception to exclude that ability in the TOB engine.

Sorry, but nope. See the spcl621.spl is the Totemic Druid's Summon Spirit Animal spell.

You could be consistent and actually add the spell file in the non-EE ToB game. After all, it's in the .2da file, and in the EE games.


And yeah, you could argue that the SCS is... but you also have to say that M&G is "unwieldy and stupid" if we go that route. So give it a pause and just do what you meant to.

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M&G is certainly big, and sometimes unwieldy, and sometimes stupid. But not all at the same time. :p


As for SPCL621... yes I see that in the original engine, but what does it do? Summon different animals from the .2da list at random? I want to Beastmaster to summon the Spirit Wolf *only*... not a snake or bear or lion. To do that I would need to create a whole new spell, and RL is preventing me from having the time to do that sort of thing. Adding little ACTION_IF lines to fix bugs is all I can do at the moment.

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As for SPCL621... yes I see that in the original engine, but what does it do? Summon different animals from the .2da list at random?

The best I looked at it, it cast an effect that summons 3 creatures, from a .2da file, the 2da randomizes them to be one of the 4 kinds.


Sending an additional PM to you, as I need to do it in private.

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Post related to BGT / EET / Tutu compatibility. Please read previous one first: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27526&do=findComment&comment=240799


I've run a deep scan and here are files that needs updating when it comes to cross-platform BG1 CRE files (the only BGT related files were IMOEN61 and VICONI61, so I think it's relevant not only to EET but BGT too - see the list in the linked topic):

Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: VICONI6 => VICONI6_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: XAN => XAN_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/120_wpo.tpa: XZAR => XZAR_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: IMOEN6 => IMOEN6_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: QUAYLE => QUAYLE_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: XAN => XAN_ - cre
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: XZAR => XZAR_ - cre

Not sure if following changes refer to BG:EE or BG2:EE files, but just in case here is a list of BG:EE items that are renamed in EET due to conflicting names in BG2:EE. I've also added BGT names becouse you didn't seem to include them in your mod:

BGEE       EET         BGT                                                                             
HELM15     HELM15_     BGHELM15
LEAT07     LEAT07_     LEAT07
MISC56     MISC56_     BGMISC56
MISC79     MISC79_     BGMISC79
MISC89     MISC89_     BGMISC89
PLAT06     PLAT06_     PLAT06
RING08     RING08_     BGRING08
STAF04     STAF04_     BGSTAF04
STAF08     STAF08_     STAF08
SW1H09     SW1H09_     SW1H09
SW2H07     SW2H07_     BGSW2H07
SW2H08     SW2H08_     SW2H08
WAND12     WAND12_     BGWAND12

as you can see EET imports a little more items to BG2:EE compared to BGT (those that had unique lore in BG:EE are imported too). Also don't forget that tutu is renaming every single resource in BG1, so consider using %tutu_var% mentioned in that NPC kit topic. You may also consider expanding the ALWAYS list from the previous topic with these variables for easier cross-platform coding (we are not using them for NPCs becouse BGT did some strange renaming with "1" suffix in some instances, so at least IMOEN6 and VICONI6 requires separate variables):

    OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~~
    OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~~
    OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~_~
    OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~~
    OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~~
    OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~bg~
  END ELSE ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~tutu tutu_totsc~ BEGIN
    OUTER_SPRINT eet_suffix ~~
    OUTER_SPRINT bgt_prefix ~~

Here is a result of my scan in your files (again not sure if this refers to BG:EE or BG2:EE resources, so some of these may be false alarms)

Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: LEAT07 => LEAT07_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SW1H09 => SW1H09_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SW2H08 => SW2H08_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/150_wco.tpa: MISC89 => MISC89_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/scroll/d5_scrib.d: SCRL1V => SCRL1V_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/bg/d5_rech1.baf: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/bg/d5_rech1.d: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/iwd/d5_rech1.baf: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/wizard/crafting/wand/iwd/d5_rech1.d: WAND12 => WAND12_ - itm

Also in Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa I've noticed that you are making changes to normal shields. Notice that both BG:EE and BG2:EE have normal and "A" variant of these shields. They differ only in how they look. EET uses "A" variant that exists in BG2:EE (unused) for BG:EE resources and BG2:EE remains unchanged using normal variant (notice that BG:EE always used "A" variant designs, they were just named without that "A" letter). So in case this is relevant here are additional reports:

Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD02 => SHLD02A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD04 => SHLD04A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD06 => SHLD06A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD07 => SHLD07A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD17 => SHLD17A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD19 => SHLD19A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD28 => SHLD28A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD29 => SHLD29A - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD02A => SHLD02 - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD04A => SHLD04 - itm
Patching EET_modConverter/Input/Might_and_Guile-master/might_and_guile/components/100_iwo.tpa: SHLD06A => SHLD06 - itm
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For shields, I don't particularly care which version is used by the game - I'm just renaming them to remove reference to the "+" enchantment numbers. (So, e.g., a "Shield +1" become "Mastercraft Shield," and "Shield +2" becomes "Enchanted Shield.") Therefore, I just run checks for the existence of each variant and perform the renaming as appropriate. (See example code in the spoiler.) So, this should already work in EET.



COPY_EXISTING ~shld02.itm~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x60 1
    SAY NAME2 @1051
COPY_EXISTING ~shld02a.itm~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x60 1
    SAY NAME2 @1051
COPY_EXISTING ~shld04.itm~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x60 1
    SAY NAME2 @1052
COPY_EXISTING ~shld04a.itm~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x60 1
    SAY NAME2 @1052
COPY_EXISTING ~shld06.itm~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x60 1
    SAY NAME2 @1053
COPY_EXISTING ~shld06a.itm~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x60 1
    SAY NAME2 @1053




As for the BGEE items that are different in BG2EE, I've added handling for "LEAT07_" and MISC89_" ... the rest are untouched by my mod.


So finally there's just the NPC variant names, which are only referenced in the WPO and the (secret, hidden, deprecated) WCO. Those should be easy enough to deal with. I'll get around to it and update the mod soon.

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Okay, here is the next big update: v2.0

MnG 2.0

This makes a few changes:

1) The overhaul and basic game tweaks are removed. Those can now be found in Scales of Balance v5.

2) The "Revised Rangers" component has been broken down into 3 parts:
- Revised Stalkers
- Revised Archer (makes vanilla archers similar to my Marksman kit, plus they can wear elven chain armor)
- Revised Beastmaster

3) The "Revised Kensai" component has gotten a top-down rewrite. It now uses a dialogue-based weapon choice system, and allows you to focus in numerous weapons sequentially.

4) The multiclass clerics are removed from the Multiclass Kits component. Multiclass kitted clerics will be part of Faiths & Powers. So the multiclass component now only has the Spellfilcher, the Bladesinger, and the Spellbender.

If you really really want to play with those multiclass clerics, you can still use v1.6 of the mod:

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I've got a first pass at warrior feats done! There are ten feats (I couldn't get "Lunge" to work right). Single-class fighters can choose 7, single-class rangers can choose 4.




The feats:

- Parry: apr set to 1, -5 AC bonus, 2 rounds

- Flurry: +1 apr, -2 thac0/AC, 2 rounds

- Hardiness: physical resistance and movement rate set to 50%, 2 rounds

- Heroic Resolve: when helpless, Remove Paralysis on self

- Heroic Willpower: +3 bonus to saves vs. spells, 3 rounds

- Knockdown: enemy saves vs. breath or falls down

- Knockback: enemy saves vs. breath or is thrown backward

- Cutting Blow: enemy saves vs. death or bleeds 1 hp per 3 seconds for 2 rounds

- Tempo: each hit reduces enemy AC by 1, 3 rounds

- Disrupt: melee hits cause deafness/spell disruption on failed save vs. spells, 2 rounds

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Oh, bonus when struck - that's a cool idea, could probably make a few variations.


Could also make some more Contingency-style things (+1 APR when 50% hp, stuff like that). Though they might have to be mutually exclusive, I'm not sure if you can have more than one active at a time.

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