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Unearthed Arcana presents Might & Guile: tweaks and kits for warriors and rogues

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50 minutes ago, Guest Sulf said:

Apologies if these questions are obvious, but I was curious if Hexblade's 'Hex Aura' stacks its luck and saving throw penalties with each round's successful melee attack? From the description I'm also not sure if this melee-applied penalty has a duration or lasts until the foe is dead.

Good question! It's not clear from the description, and I didn't remember the answer myself, so I just looked at the effect: the on-hit penalty lasts for 3 rounds, and it does stack. So if the Hexblade is in melee and hits the target every round (and the target fails a saving throw every time), then the target will have a total of -4 Luck and -4 to saves.


Lastly, the aura describes applying both luck and saving throw penalties. Is it correct that the luck penalty carries its own separate malus for saving throws, making it 2 points for saving throws on melee hit?

No, "Luck" has a specific meaning in this engine: positive Luck increases the physical damage you deal out (to the top of your damage roll, but not above it like a proper bonus) and reduces the damage you take from incoming spells like Fireball.  Negative Luck makes you take more damage from spells and deal out less physical damage.  The Luck spell talks about saving throws, so people conflate the two; but the Luck stat has nothing to do with saving throws, so in the kit description I try to be precise by mentioning both Luck and saves separately.

So to be clear, if you can get a Hexblade to hit a target a few times, that target:

  • will make weaker physical attacks
  • will take more damage from spells
  • will be less likely to save against spell effects

So the Hexblade will take less damage in melee, and if you fire some spells at your opponent while attacking, those spells will be more effective.  The idea is to make this kit function well as a "gish" i.e. fighter/mage mixing magic with physical attacks. (Note, this works best against non-magical opponents, and maybe clerics.  Against a mage with Stoneskin/PfMW, you can't hit them and therefore can't get this cycle going to weaken them.)

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Thank you for the explanation, I admit my misunderstanding with luck was exactly as you said. I think that hex aura is a cool synergy with how these bard kits (in my observation) cannot cast spells in heavy armor. With your YARAS component from Scales of Balance, it's definitely an interesting way to keep up some damage resistance in early-mid game.

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Okay, I've made some major updates to the mod, mostly to the bard-related stuff. It is now at version 4.10.

The code for the 5E-style casting system has been completely rewritten and turned into a series of portable functions, which can be used on a per-kit, per-class, or game-wide level. (More about that later.) This system is now much more robust for the MnG bards, with quicker installation, better compatibility, and better in-game reliability. You no longer need to "initialize" your bardic spellcasting in-game; instead you will see your spellcasting button go dark and then be reenabled within a few seconds of starting the game. (Some non-spellcasting bard kits like the Herald or Whistler might need to initialize their bard songs... but most bards will not.)

If you do not want to deal with the 5E-style spell preparation and casting, then you can disable it in the "might_and_guile/d5_MnG_settings.ini" file. If you turn off 5E casting (which must be done before you install the mod!) then you will get the multiclass bards with the new bard song system, but normal 2E-style wizard spellcasting.

Finally, if you don't like the new multiclass bards and prefer the normal 2E Bard class, but you are intrigued by the 5E-style casting system, there is a new component at the end of the mod that will let normal bards (including the MnG normal bard kits  and all other normal bard kits, except for the one from Aionz's Shadow Magic mod) use semi-spontaneous 5E casting.

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5E-style spellcasting, not 5E-style multiclassing. And it does not affect druid/sorcerers at all because oh wait I see what you're saying. Well, the short answer is, this is only 5E casting for arcane spells (so far!) cast by bards or the Arcanist kit (so far!) and does not affect druids (so far!). And n one of this affects sorcerers at all; they still use fully spontaneous casting of a limited amount of known spells. This system is a replacement for the way Vancian casters cast spells.

(Now, there may or may not be a multiclass cleric/mage sitting in one of my test savegames, who uses this system for both arcane and divine spellcasting. But we're not going to talk about that right now. :nono:  Such a thing would be fairly complex, and would have to interact with various pseudo-sorcerer and pseudo-shaman multiclasses, which use a similar-but-distinct-but-parallel spellcasting system that lives under the same UI button. So the long answer is, it would take some time to work out the kinks in those sorts of interactions for a putative game-wide casting conversion mod.)

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Guest raelis

Were you able to rework the styles? For example, sword and shield sucks. Is it possible at all to rework them ?

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I restarted an EET playthrough that had lain dormant for years just so I could try out the new bard changes on my Bladesinger PC, but one thing I'm not getting is how the new casting system works, and I'm not sure whether there's some sort of bug or I'm just missing something about what they gain access to as they level and how to make use of it.

So I start out a Bladesinger at L1. The game asks me to pick 4 known and memorized spells, so I pick 4, memorize one of each, and then ingame I get the kit's automatic spells added to my set of known. But I only have access to actually cast one of them and can't seem to change which of the memorized spells that is, or even the spells I have memorized (even after using Initialize Bardic Abilities, which I still got a use of even though the version I'm using apparently made it unnecessary,) - I can remove, but seemingly not add to, the memorized list and I don't see how I get access to any spells that I learn off scrolls (ie, the scrolls that drop off Tarnesh). I assume part of this is down to the spell-per-day penalty that Bladesingers get, but in general I'm not seeing how to change or add to the spell selection that are spontaneously accessible. When I console myself XP and level up I gain uses  of that one spell but no access to more of my known spells, and when I start in BG2 with 400k xp I have access to most but not all of the spells picked in chargen, a few per level at between 5 and 1 casts per day(which makes sense, I suppose, given the spells per day penalty). I still can't see a way to change which of the spells I can cast spontaneously, since the memorization interface is a sorcerer's. (so it doesn't have slots to manipulate). 

This might be down to the UI mod I'm using, or to having installed some of the sorcerer mods from Tome of Blood, so I'm mostly trying to figure out what is supposed to happen and how this is supposed to work,. and I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who knows in detail, or can point to a more detailed explanation of how to actually use this system than the readme offers). Thanks for your work and your help! 


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@Dallan You should have an innate ability called something like "change prepared spells." Using it will enable the traditional spell slots in your spellbook; then you can change out which spells you want to memorize, and rest. After resting, you will once again lose access to making changes in your spellbook, but can cast your chosen spells spontaneously.

I can't promise the Bladesinger kit wasn't bugged, especially given that this seems to be an older install and I've made some bugfixes specifically for that kit lately. In particular, thaat spellcasting system has recently been completely overhauled and I'm right now in the final stages of testing another update.

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It's a new install (which is why I restarted) and had the most recent patches I see on your public Github (March 8 IIRC), but it's EET and there are a lot of mods (especially now that I've added so many of yours - lots of really cool ideas there) and I'm well aware of how much of a house of cards that can make things even with the best efforts on everyone's part. 

Thanks for the clarification on what to expect! I don't recall seeing that ability but I'll look for it when I get to play next and maybe roll up some other nuBards and try it out with them. 

edit: no worries @subtledoctor(or maybe different worries): the ability IS there and works as you describe, just that the icon was missing so I didn't see it. I wonder how that happened?


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Updated to version 4.11. This should fix some of the small issues with bards, like the icon for the change spells button.

This is also in part a compatibility update to keep everything on the same page among the various mods I've worked on. If you use/plan to use any of the following, I recommend you update them all together to the latest versions:

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