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Unearthed Arcana presents Might & Guile: tweaks and kits for warriors and rogues

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4 hours ago, Midnight Voyager said:

Finished SOA and the new changes continue to feel pretty dang good!

While I'm here though, is there a reason that your mods don't have "LabelType = GloballyUnique" in the ini even though all the components are labeled? That's what lets Project Infinity save what components are active.

I didn't know to do that until about an hour ago.

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Not sure if this is something you care about or not, but Feats of Might and Guile is incompatible with Dragonspear UI (crashing on feat screen). Innate Contingencies/sequencers & multi-class sorcerers from Tome & Blood, and NPC_EE are also incompatible though I can't specifically point to how. All cause the first attached image when starting the Infinity Launcher, and the second is taken from when I tried running it via the command prompt.



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9 hours ago, JediMindTrix said:

incompatible with Dragonspear UI (crashing on feat screen)

Which did you install first? That part of MnG uses Kjeron’s spell-learning UI function. So either all mods that use Kjeron’s function are incompatible with the Dragonspear UI mod (in which case I recommend using a different UI mod), or you have installed them in the wrong order. 

10 hours ago, JediMindTrix said:

Innate Contingencies/sequencers & multi-class sorcerers from Tome & Blood, and NPC_EE are also incompatible though I can't specifically point to how

Those patch UI.menu in certain locations with REPLACE_TEXTUALLY commands. One of two things has happened: 1) Dragonspear UI has replaced UI.menu with a version that is different at those locations, so the mods’ patches fail. Or, 2) those mods patched the file correctly, and then the UI mod came later and undid the patches by overwriting the whole file. So it’s the same: either Dragonspear UI is wholly incompatible, or the install order is reversed. 

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2 hours ago, Endarire said:

May we get a compatibility update for M&G for Dragonspear UI++?

The feats bits of Might & Guile use a UI function not written by me. I have no idea how it works, I wouldn't know how to alter it for this or that UI overhaul. This is the first I've heard of it not being compatible with a UI mod; I suppose it is always possible that some UI mod will change things in such a way that it breaks Kjeron's function. There's not really anything I can do about that... just don't use UI mods that break things in this mod?

Or, alternatively, you can use my other mod which updates the 'feats' concept but does not rely on Kjeron's function.

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So it appears that while the Dragonspear 2.42 UI linked to on the first post of it's thread over on the Beamdog forums, anongit's fork appears to be compatible https://github.com/anongit/DragonspearUI at a first glance (I installed it with dlc merger, eeex, this dragonspear UI and the feats component from Might & Guile) I haven't tested anything else yet, but in game there was no crash when opening the feat selection screen and no warnings from InfinityLoader.

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Nice! I would run some tests first though. The two things I would look at are 1) the MnG feat selection (and note, Kjeron’s function is used for Revised Called Shots and Revised Bard Songs even if the larger feat system is not installed), and 2) the Revised Identify spell from TnB and 5E casting. Contrary to assertions that Revised Identify “breaks” Dragonsear UI :rolleyes: , the UI works perfectly well but in my test instance, casting Identify crashed the game. (So it rather sounds like the reverse, the Dragonspear UI breaks Bubb’s Identify function.)

It sounds like there are a number of variants of Dragonspear UI out there… one of them wouldn’t even install on my BG2EE game. And they evidently have some significant differences, at least in this context. So definitely do some testing before committing to a big install. 

15 hours ago, Endarire said:

What about porting your feats code to M&G for cross-mod compatibility, perhaps only if Dragonspear UI is detected installed before it?

I don’t understand what this means - feats are already in MnG. And a different version in SoB. But they are different things. There is nothing to “port.”

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Done about 30% of BG1 and I haven't found any issues except selecting feats in the menu doesn't bring up their descriptions like I seem to (possibly incorrectly) remember them doing in the past. Also the selectable feats kind of run out of the borders of the UI but that solves itself. Multi-class sorcerer is running just fine too, and it's a lot of fun too

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