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create effect for when PC is struck


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I'm thinking about ways to represent "concentration" for certain abilities or spells. And maybe a way is to use some kind of custom contingency.


Let's say I wanted to alter the Mental Domination spell such that my PC can only move at half-rate, and cannot attack or cast spells, while controlling the opponent. I could use three effects: disable attack and spell casting buttons on self, movement rate penalty on self, and the domination opcode on the target.


My thought is, rather than just setting a spell duration, I could apply those effects permanently via opcode 283, "cursed .eff," and then set some kind of contingency condition such that when the PC is hit, a Remove Curse effect will hit everyone, canceling all those effects. Now the PC's concentration is broken and the enemy is free of the Domination, and the PC is free to do something different.


Is it possible to set up that kind of contingency and apply it to the PC as part of the initial casting of the Domination spell?

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#232 (0x232) Spell Effect: Cast Spell on Condition [232]
Parameter #1: Target
Parameter #2: Condition

Casts the spell specified by the resource field on the target specified by the 'Target' field, when the condition from the 'Condition' field is true. The conditions are akin to various triggers.
Known values for 'Target' are:
0 Effect Target
1 LastHitter
2 NearestEnemyOf
3 Nearest
Known values for 'Condition' are:
0 HitBy()
1 See(NearestEnemyOf())
2 HPPercentLT(Myself 50)
3 HPPercentLT(Myself 25)
4 HPPercentLT(Myself 10)
5 StateCheck(Myself,STATE_HELPLESS) i.e. unconscious
6 StateCheck(Myself,STATE_POISONED) i.e. poisoned
7 AttackedBy('Target')
8 PersonalSpaceDistance('Target',4)
9 PersonalSpaceDistance('Target',10)
10 Unknown - every round
11 TookDamage()
Parameter 3 (EFF) activates the portrait icon and immediately triggers the HitBy() trigger
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Hmm. I've gotten it halfway working. This is a first pass at creating small psionic powers, that you can maintain at will. I created a Blur power that blurs the caster and cuts movement rate in half (an example detriment to represent concentrating). The effects are canceled by one of three things happening: using a "cancel" innate ability; using a different psionic ability, or taking damage. That all works, so self-directed stuff like Clairsentience and Psychometabolism powers can be done pretty easily.


But I tried to make a Mental Domination ability, and it's not so easy. I can Dominate someone as a "curse" .eff, but when I use Blur or Cancel the subject remains dominated. I have the cancel/Remove Curse effects hitting "Everyone," with range=100... but that's problematic because 1) if there are two psionicists in the party they will interfere with each other's abilities; and 2) it's not working anyway, the Remove Curse effect does not cancel the Domination. Even if I could solve 2), I don't know what to do about 1) - I don't know how to target the Remove Curse effect at the enemy I've dominated.


Hmm, back to the drawing board. Any ideas for how to do a "Charm Person... until I stop concentrating" ability?


I don't want to use opcode 321, since I'd like this to be compatible with the old engine.


I suppose I could just make it unlimited-use, and very short duration, like 2-3 rounds. That way you have to keep using the ability to keep up the effect. But that seems really annoying.

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