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Having a spell stop itself


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Yes, but more like, if I am casting a spell based on a class, and it spits out spell successful, I would want it to spit out, spell failed if not that class. If I could have it stop itself after successful, then I wouldn't see both messages. I'll have to test tomorrow.

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Opcode 321 removes any effect with a matching resource. The origin doesn't matter, effects offered by spells, items etc. are treated equally.


If you use one spl to apply another spl, then, assuming both spls also have other individual effects, you'll end up with two different sources. Since a single 321 can only match one source, you can therefore dispel either the master spl's effects, or its subsidiary's ones.


PS Having read the last post... You can simply apply the feedback eff before cancellation one.

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I see 2 opcodes that might help


opcode 324 - Protection: Immunity Spell and Message [324]

You can set it up to be resistant to a class or affect a single class


opcode 326 - Add Effects List [326]

You can apply a separate spell based on spell protections, and since you can have this opcode multiple times in the same main spell, you can have multiple branches of effect sets

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