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extra spell scrolls for hard-to-find spells


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Does this component work when installed mid-game?


If so, where could those spells be? I know the location is randomized but I checked all the merchants I could think of and didn't find Ruby Ray of Reversal (though I might have forgotten some so I'm asking here just to be sure). Is there a list of specific merchants it is randomized from?

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If you've already visited the location/talked to the merchant, then no. When you enter an area, a copy of the area's ARE file is added to your save game, so that local changes can be saved. The same thing happens when you interact with a merchant - a copy of the store's STO file is added to your save game. If you alter the base ARE/STO files after this, the changes won't be reflected in your current save game. You'd need to start a new game (or load a save from before you visited the area/shopped at the store).

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