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RE's are mostly one-night things?

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first of. Great mod! Love it.. already wasted waaay too much time in chapter 2 to experience all the things in the areas available. (sorry Imoen :x)

So I was wondering.. most of the encounters are like a one time thing, right?


Was straight up sad when Sheri left. Now Chanelle indicates something about meeting you in your chambers later... also that you had the chance to 'delay' her marriage by making her listen to her heart... i guess there's nothing else happenin tho...right?


Anyway.. great mod. Donated a few coins!



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well...extremely pleasant hmmm..."encounter" with Chanelle...very well written like the whole mod. Honest, very funny (LOL Gaelan Bayle LOL /wipes tears) and tasteful. Yes. Tasteful. No sarcasm at all.


I would only like a little more ee...hmm..."encounters" similiar to Weathermistress Ada. (I'm such a dog)


and quite strangely but the mod actually makes the game a little more realistic!



ps. pretty sure Imoen doesn't mind.

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