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The shsforums dot net down. Up. And down.

Jarno Mikkola

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Maybe they are just updating like baldursgatemods.com, i don't think shs is down for forever

Planned updates are usually announced. Liam's got a real job, so this may go unfixed a few more days like last time.


[edit] Was up long enough for me to post, but is now back down. Makes me think it's a hosting/server issue. If the most recent week-long downtime of both SHS and G3 didn't inspire you to download every mod you think you might want or need, now would be the best time to do so from both sites asap.

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Well it's up, and it's down, up and down up and... the same old story. As of now, I don't get the "domain name has expired" message, just the same as in the very first post. Even after trying to reload the site. Anyways, I have posted a few times in shs, so it's not a great loose. Just hoping to know more.

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i think that mods on the gibberlings3,baldursgatemods,shs or other sites like them also be mirrorred on mega.co.nz(or something similar but i think mega is the best solution to this topic , you can add up to 50 gb of files for free , you can make folders and be selective at downloading ,it even has a application to upload or download from their servers).


Lol if anyone interesting to mirror the mods of all ie games (or nwn ) i can help too . I have downloaded lik 450 of mods for my big world installation and can start uploading right now

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