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Installation problem (v1.7) - Skipping BG II Group, main component not installed


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I've been trying to install this mod, and so far it has only partially worked.


First of all, some info:

Mod version: 1.7 (the latest OS X version)

Installing on the latest version of BG2EE, running on OS X 10.11, using Mac WeidU Launcher to install.


The problem:

I get the following message:


Skipping GROUP [baldur's Gate II NPCs] because it fails its requirements.


Followed by this for a bunch of components:


SKIPPING: [Component Name]

You must install the main component before any others. Please exit and


begin again.

If anyone has advice on how I can fix this & install successfully, I'd really appreciate it!

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This mod was not made compatible with BG2EE version of the game. Now there is/was a EE specific version in the works by ChevsDaak, if you just look the thread in the forum after this one, but from what I gather, it's not exactly finished yet.

And the mod is really complex and all the fun stuff, having 10 000++ lines of code and stuff, so getting it all work together with the NEWTM games is really a hard work.

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