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GOG BG Original for Linux (Ubuntu 15.10)?


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Hi everyone! I just installed the widescreen mod and this is what I got. Is this how I'm supposed to play with the widescreen mod? Because I was looking for something different (something that still scaled the graphics, but didn't fat-stretch them in widescreen, either by turning them to true widescreen or by adding black bars to the sides). Running it fullscreen produces the exact same results. Reinstalling the mod with lower widescreen resolutions doesn't seem to affect the menu and character screens.




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In BG1, it's not supposed to edit the game interface, except add the black streaks and without centering the GUI, it's made to just allow larger main map screen(the first picture).

You could try and make the BG1GUI mod to be Ubuntu compatible... but I have no idea how hard that will be as I am not a Ubuntu/Linux user, and it too only has a few sizes, but the gui's are all are centered. You might be quite much luckier with the BG2, as that is supposed to center the whole interface with all resolution settings.

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