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Tutorial: Diablo II Animation Extraction

Guest Seifer

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Now, several people have already covered how to add animations to BGII and other IE games but source material is often a bit thin.


This is a tutorial I've managed to lay my hands which details how to extract D2 animations as Mortis did ages back. I've yet to add an Infinity Engine section covering the animated GIF to BAM stage and I've also got to amend a few but I present the work I've done thus far.


Paul Siramy did the tutorial, I've reformated it.





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Extracting Diablo II Animations (direct .pdf link)


I didn't read the whole PDF but the main part of interest is probably the part about making them into animated GIFs. From there it is pretty easy to import as sequences into BAM Workshop.


If you start doing this sort of thing, you might want to read up on similar subjects in the Infinity Animations forum.


Also, we are considering using # as an animation slot prefix, which has a small chance of conflict with your prefix (which is #v I think?) because we could end up with some BAMs like #vgg1.bam etc. But I think the chances for conflict are very small, as long as we both make sure there's no name collisions, and if you're using the Infinity Animations scheme for any new animations, it should all be ok.

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