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Widescreen Mod Baldurs Gate 1 screen size problem


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Hey there,


i just bought BG1 the original Saga from GOG for my mac and tried to install the widescreen mod to it. the installation over wineskin into the game directory worked fine and i typed in my xy coordinates which are 1440x900.


the game starts but it appears only as a small window in my left upper corner of the screen, while the rest of the screen is black.



any idea what could be the problem ?




thanks for any help

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Well, the GUI is not centered, and the menues are set to the Top left corner, this is to be expected in the menu screens, the main game interface suffers a little bit of the same, but it's somewhat better.

The real fix is to install the Widescreen mod in one of the 4 resolutions in the following link, the best for yours is to use the 1280x800, and use the BG1 GUI mod on top of that. I have no idea if it works on Wineskin though, but you should try it..

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