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Mod Compatibility List for EET

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Gwendolyne and Austin were the primary maintainers of Saradas Magic II.  SubtleDoctor showed me the mod existed and I was excited for it.  I'm an advocate for Saradas Magic I being updated to EET to ensure they work together.

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A very minor note, but the same Multikit mod is listed twice in the list - once as "FlameWing's Multikit mod v0.27.3" and once as "Multiclassed Multikit Builder Mod v0.27.3 or above". Both links are the same.

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As is mentioned in this thread, the author of these mods wants them (or has at least granted explicit permission for them) added to the EET compatibility list:

-Auto Resting for BG2-BGT, all EE Games and EET

-Deratiseur Unused Kits Pack for BG2/BGT and all EE Versions in French and English

-Misdrha'al Hymmet's Bladesinger Kit

-Todd the Super Tester Guy, a new shop for BG2/BGT, BGEE/SOD, BG2EE, IWDEE and EET

In addition, these mods are also EET compatible and not on the list:

-Arcane Treasury


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I can't figure out how to search this thread for any previous posts on this, so please forgive me if someone already asked. I have BGEE, BG2EE, and SoD from Beamdog, and I am trying to install the Drizzt Saga mod as well as EET. The DS readme says that is it compatible with BGEE and no mention of BG2EE or EET. But DS is listed on the EET compatibility list. So I am not sure if DS should be available when starting the game in trilogy mode. I followed the instructions and installed DS first to BGEE using Mac_Weidu_Launcher_v7. Then installed EET to BG2EE, then a few other mods, then EET_end. The result: If I start a game from the BGEE game directory (which I believe is not EET), I have DS with Drizzt as an NPC, etc. If I start a game from the BG2EE game directory and choose to begin with BGEE (which I assume is EET), I do not have DS -- meeting Drizzt is like the original BG where he just kills some knolls or whatever. Have I done something wrong? I would love to have Drizzt in my party from Candlekeep to Throne of Bhaal... but for someone a bit inexperienced with mods I am not sure if this is possible. Thanks for any help

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 Maybe you have installed the Optional component: Delayed Start - Drizzt joins after Durlag's Tower....


This optional component aims to improve compatibility (see below) and balance - by delaying the mod's start until the protagonist character has enough experience to be more effective against the high-level enemies and threats introduced by Drizzt Saga. Instead of joining the party right in the middle of the initial encounter with the gnolls, Drizzt will now meet the party after completing Durlag's Tower and can be later recruited in Ulgoth's Beard inn.

This component resolves potential compatibility issues with several mods (see the compatibility notes section in readme for more details) by leaving the original Drizzt vs gnolls encounter completely untouched.


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@JohnBob No I did not install the delayed segment. @Lauriel I was a little confused on this part. It asked for the game directory for "BGEE + SoD". If I provide the BGEE directory, it gives an error - invalid installation or something. So I have to provide the SoD directory, which is an entirely different folder, which works and allows the install to continue. As a workaround, I am going to try installing Region of Terror, which is "normal" (installed after EET), and see if I can transport to Irenicus just to pick up Drizzt, and come back. Might not work, but we'll see... Thanks for the assistance everyone

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