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Mod Compatibility List for EET

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I'd expect from active modders that they list their EET compatible mods here themselves, to show interest to be listed. It has several advantages if modders ask for integration themselves, and disadvantages to integrate mods from active modders without their knoweldge.

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I would like to propose some changes to the Mod Compatibility List for EET.

This is just a test, if you have any suggestions.

I hope I didn't make too many mistakes, some are hard to place.

Edit: two links lead to  Bg1NpcToSoa.


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Very interested by the mod Oversight which is not in the EET compatible list. I did try to install it with PI prior to EET core but it was a complete disaster. I guess the only solution would be to install it manually in BG2EE ? But Is it a "bad" idea ? Should i just forget about Oversight in my EET modlist ?

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3 hours ago, Mordekaie said:

Yes, I confirm it. You can delete the first link (which redirects to the old 12.5 version) and leave only the second one.

I also clarify that this mod contains not only NPCs but also a new area of Athkatla and many quests, therefore, if (in the future) the list is divided into mod categories, then it can be placed in the NPC mods section and in the quest mods section.

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@JohnBob  The problem I see with any type of grouping is that it might get read as an installation order suggestion encouraging to skip readmes while there are more than enough cases where the installation order might not end up that straightforward and mod (component)s need to be reshuffled/inserted to ensure everything working properly.

I'm just a contributor to the list though, I am not the authority to decide how to group or if any grouping should be added to the list. I believe this decision needs to be made by @K4thos. Your post weren't invisible and I can relate to the thought process behind it, I'm just not sure what to suggest as an improvement.

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11 minutes ago, JohnBob said:

It's just a little frustrating not knowing if the post is unseen, ignored or irrelevant

I saw your post but didn't have time to go into the details of your suggestions by downloading the html and comparing it to the existing one etc. It's not necessarily a lack of interest, but my modding time is limited. Sometimes it just takes (more) time until someone answers.

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