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Mod Compatibility List for EET

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No worries, thank you for your reports!

More list updates:

links corrected:

  • Deities Of Faerun
  • EEUITweaks User Interface Mods Collection
  • I hate Undead
  • Lefreut's enhanced UI
  • Tome and Blood
  • Turnabout
  • Yoshimo Romance

New links added:

  • Continuous NPC Portraits
  • Imoen Can Die
  • Imoen is Stone
  • Subtledoc's Random Tweaks
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I have two questions. Hopefully they aren't that stupid.

1) It seems that installing before or after EET depends on whether EET compatibility was added to the mod. True, wrong?

2) If 1) is true, 

BG1 NPC Project v24 and v24.1
BG1 NPC Project Music Pack v6 or above

should probably be moved to Mods installed after EET main component on BG2:EE because

Version 24.2 - 2020-01-20

added the compatibility to EET. Or wasn't it moved due to the fact that it the compatibility is "beta"?

On an unrelated note, hopefully an EET version of this mod will be released someday https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/forum/141-coran39s-friendship-mod/
and Ver'ssza too http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/1148-verrsza-npc-bgeesod/

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Since BG1 NPC Project Music Pack Readme mentions that it can be installed before or after BG1 NPC Project, I don't see an issue installing it on BGEE. I also didn't see any indication in code that it got native EET compatibility. 

As for your first question @Arthas, yes, you should install mods from the first list on BGEE, then install EET Core component, then mods from the second list, and finish with EET_end component from EET


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On 4/16/2020 at 3:23 PM, jastey said:

also note about EET Worldmap removed as the BP-BGT-Worldmap is compatible with EET.

But shouldn't they BOTH be in the list. It's not like installing one makes it impossible to ever install the other in some other variaty for mods compatible with just that mod ? And EET.

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Would it be possible to add for BP-BGT-Worldmap a list of the mods that are actually based on it, have it as prerequisite?

For example, I'm planning to install only two quest mods of Lava and I don't plan on polluting my game of quest mods. Do I need it ?

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26 minutes ago, Arthas said:

For example, I'm planning to install only two quest mods of Lava and I don't plan on polluting my game of quest mods. Do I need it ?

Erhm, this is more of the subject of BiG World Installs than this list, see it's not combatibility guide to install order, it's a compatibility list of EET in reguards of any other mod, BUT that mod alone, not a mix of them.

But to answer your qguestion, it depends on which exactly mods you are talking about, but I would assume them to be newish, say not RoT or NeJ, TDD, SoS, as those could have Lava featured as a someone else... but the likely answer is a nope, they don't reguire Worldmap mod. PS, we really should actually call it "Worldmap" mod, not the BP-BGT- as neither of those are part of it, reguired nor anything else.

@jastey... ahh, that's how it is, never mind. :ph34r:

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Mods in the compatibility page and which have problems with eet apparently :

 - bg1 aerie v1.1 : just met her at the festival, she walks towards me to talk but the dialog can't start, and I can't start it too !
 - the artisan kitpack : most of the kits work, but if you choose the option to give the rogue archer kit to imoen the installation works, but ingame she keeps her usual thief kit. (that's after starting a new game of course, I posted about that on its beamdog forum page).
 - unfinished business v27 for bg2 in french is broken, and it's odd because it worked in previous versions. The game can't start if you install in french. Installing in english works. With this english version I also had a weird problem in eet, when you meet the 3 bandits north of beregost they don't start their dialog and don't turn hostile. Oddly it was an old bug which had been fixed in a previous ub version, don't know if it's eet specific though.

 - I tried to install drizzt saga on bg1 as recommended and got an error during the installation, maybe because of an incompatiblity with another mod but I have very few mods installed in the bg1 side and all in your compatibility section for bg1, I didn't insist, it's an  old mod and it has a reputation of instability, it was just for testing...
 - installing "yeslick for soa/tob", or "sirene for bg2" works, but the mod complains that it can not find a specific file in the override folder during installation which is apparently needed for the transition between bg1 and bg2 in eet.. It's just a warning, the installation works and I don't know what happens when the transition occurs, I guess they probably loose either their inventory or their stats...

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