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Mod Compatibility List for EET

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17 hours ago, Endarire said:

May we get a version of Tower of Deception from you with this fix on GitHub so it's preserved for posterity?


Tower of Deception was updated to work with the EEs by @agb1 and is on the BiGWorldProject GitHub page.  Should I collaborate with him and see if he'll do a new release with the corrected file?  In the meantime, I can upload to this thread (or somewhere else) the file with just the fixes. Just let me know what's appropriate.

16 hours ago, AL|EN said:


Can you do a version with only fixes, without removing penalties? Also regarding "spell-casting effect" - it doesn't work but if it would, it would be too powerful? 

I'm sure I can cook that up. 

The spell casting effect listed on the item description is that it allows the wielder to cast 2 spells in one round. The ability code (is this an "oppcode?") is 188. "Increase spells cast per round."  From what I've read around various forums, it was reported not to work correctly. I just had my fighter mage wield it and she was casting fireballs at the same rate as the other mage in the party.

Here's a thread where it was discussed:


Right now, the sword is a +5 2-handed sword with a high (15?) int requirement to wield. It is not Paladin exclusive, unlike Carsomyr. the original designer said he wanted to give non-paladins a good 2-hander. It allows the wielder to cast Draw Upon Holy Might 2x/day, grants +30% MR, and deals an extra 5 damage to Chaotic Evil targets. It also inflicts a dex penalty of -1 to the wielder, and has a 5% chance per round of inflicting a berserk state on the wielder for 10 rounds.  It is not cursed.


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Here's a version with only the fixed +5 damage to Chaotic Evil targets.

I imported the item file from the original archive into my override and ran NI. Thanks to the way the BGs process text, the item description was random stuff about elves and Baeloth. I'm guessing that won't be the case if the item is included in an installed archive. When I replaced it with my un-nerfed version, the item description was back in place.  Good ol' Infinity Engine weirdness.

It may be that dropping this into the override of an existing install will cause those text problems. The safe thing to do would be to replace the file in the ToD archive directly, pre install.  It should be found in the ITM folder of the archive.



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I think that I might fixed the spell stuff of the item: 

- reset "Unused" value of 2 to 0 because according to opcode 188 description "Parameter #1: Irrelevant"
- set  "Cleanse auta" to Yes/1 as per Near Infinity calls it.
- set "Dispel/Resistance" to "Not dispel/Bypass resistance" - I get inspiration from the Robe of Vecna 😀

Item effect works as indeed: no waiting time between casting spells. The effect doesn't 'allows the wielder to cast 2 spells in one round" so the description of the item is very confusing.

But atleast it is fixed somehow, can you try and confirm?


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Awesome! Glad I could help.

I tested your implementation, and yep it works. Constant Improved Alacrity. Since my testing character was also wearing the Robe of Vecna, I cast 2 fireballs, Slow, Detect Invis, Dispel Magic, Stoneskin, Mirror Image, Energy Protection (Acid), and 2 Cloudkills in about 2 rounds.  Definitely an item that requires a bit of judicious self control on a player's part.

Side note: I read the Basic Modder's Guide to Github in your sig. Now I finally know what commits and pull requests are! Maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge and graduate to Modder, instead of just a tinkerer. :D

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@Lightbringer Good to hear that it's working. Thanks!

I agree that having constant "Improved Alacrity" is way too much for an sword which can be used by Fighter-Mages, which are already overpowered anyway. But I'm not going into the 'mine field' of balancing items 😉

If you have any other contribution, feel free to share/send them into https://github.com/InfinityMods/TowerOfDeception (former BigWordProject repo)

@Mike1072 We have hijacked thread, can you split:


into a new topic "Tower of Deception - Warblade of Twilight"?

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On 4/19/2020 at 2:23 AM, Cahir said:

@jastey another one from my latest findings: Trap Overhaul (dl link in the first post). According to @kjeron it should work for EET, but confirmation would be great.

I'm not going to read the entire thread to find out, but if no one has responded to this yet, it does indeed work for EET, though I only installed the fast trap detection.  The rest was of no interest to me at this time.

EDIT: I went back and reinstalled the whole thing.  The recover traps option does indeed work.  Haven't tested out a monk yet.  But all I  can say is Imoen is going to be in need of her own bag of holding, or perhaps a new container...bag o' traps?

EDIT EDIT: Looks like you're limited to 1 of each kind of trap.  You may as well use them as you get them

EDIT EDIT EDIT: That might only be the case if there is more than one of the same kind of trap near each other. ...  Yup, that's what it was

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Thankee to Lightbringer for recommending I ask for EET update help in this thread instead of just asking around individually.

My Request in Brief
For anyone wanting to help our group's next EET install,

Updating BG 1 & 2 Mods to EET
The mods are listed below in alphabetical order in English by their first character.  As of this writing, these mods either aren’t EET compatible natively or aren’t confirmed to be EET compatible natively.

There may be multiple mod branches or mod versions.  The links included below are to the versions I intend to be updated to EET compatibility.
-Jerry Zinger (Probably needs EE & EET versions.)

-Saradas Magic (Works on EE and is advised to be installed pre-EET.  Probably needs an EET version.)

-Saradas Magic II (Works on EE.  Probably needs an EET version.)

-Sylmar Battlefield (Probably needs EE & EET versions.)

-Teleport Without Error Spell for BGII (Works on EE.  Probably needs an EET version.)

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On 7/15/2020 at 11:07 AM, jastey said:

Late reply: you can still install bg1npc project as well as bgqe to the BG:EE game, first.

So if you want an EET game with BGQE/Brage's Sword, Brage's Redemption, BG1NPC and Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour, you have to install it like below?


1. BGQE/Brage's Sword (has to be before BG1NPC to get all the content, works before or after EET)

2. BG1NPC (has to be before Garrick, works before or after EET

3. Garrick: ToaT (has to be before EET conversion)

4. EET conversion from BGEE/SoD

5. Brage's Redemption (has to be after BGQE, and also after EET conversion)

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1 hour ago, jastey said:


 Yes, that's how I'd do it.

Thanks. And just to check, given that the compatibility list has BG1NPC v24 and 24.1 listed as fine to install before EET, and v24.2 and above listed as to be installed after EET, would you say the latest version can also be installed prior to EET?

Edit: Thanks again.

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