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Converting existing mods to support EET

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So, I've installed EET to start working on my mod's compatibility.


My mod installs just fine and there doesn't seem to be a need for any modification to my item-patching code. I went through ITMs in Near Infinity, however, and based on jastey's link I was expecting there to be two HELM15.ITM, one called "HELM15" and the other called "HELM15_"? I only have one "HELM15" there, and no need to amend my code. Am I missing something?


I seem, on the other hand, to have a little trouble with pre-generated characters' patching. My code is apparently only targeting the four characters that appear under "CHR" in Near Infinity. There are 9 more in a folder called "characters" that are apparently from the original BG; those are entirely unaffected by my code for some reason. I also cannot seem to locate the pre-generated characters from SoD or ToB.


My code reads as follows:

 COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.*\.chr~ ~override~
  READ_LONG 0x8c current
  PATCH_PHP_EACH cd_animation_map AS old => new BEGIN
    PATCH_IF (current = old) BEGIN
      WRITE_LONG 0x8c new

There's an associative array called "cd_animation_map" before it.

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