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parameter1 & NI presentation - reversed?


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For IDS targetting you have to specify the IDS file in Parameter2 and the IDS-specific value in Parameter1. In the WeiDU code below you have defined "parameter1 = 2" and (implicitly) "parameter2 = 0" instead, which is an undefined IDS target. Set "parameter2 = 2" and "parameter1 = 0" for IDS target "EA.IDS/ANYONE".

You seem to be using an older version of Near Infinity which still displays the IDS target field in reverse order (param2 / param1) (which might be confusing). This issue has been fixed in more recent versions.

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Weidu seemed to assume parameter1 = 0 without defining it...

Actually the function you use most definitely has it assigned at one point or another, you should always define a variable yourself if you know it is something essential.

Aka the Weidu functions all have their variables set to a predefined default, you just assign it to another via the parameter you set in the tp2 function.


I'd assumed this was the latest version (2015/7/17)

It's funny how people assume those things, when they could just go and look the community created stuff and get on with it. Of course argent77 would link to his own work, so there's no great loose there...

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