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IWD-in-EET Overview


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Author: K4thos
Contributors: WhiteAgnus, CrevsDaak

On the web: Home page and discussion forum

Version beta 0.1 (not public yet)
Languages: English, Polish, German
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X


IWD-in-EET is an add-on for EET that brings the entirety of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, along with some Icewind Dale 2 content, into the world of Baldur's Gate.


Taking open world inspiration this content will be available for Bhaalspawn party without silly time travel explanations or far-fetched excuses to get there. Treat it as yet another optional destination on your worldmap.

This mod requires Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (on the fly conversion similar to EET one takes place during installation).


IWD-in-EET aims to integrate itself smoothly to the existing world and adds everything that IWD:EE has to offer when it comes to spells and content. The mod also offers some optional tweaks, which can turn your game much closer to how IWD:EE works (or disable unwanted features):

  • Changes in existing Bard kits
  • Changes in existing Druid kits
  • Changes in existing Paladin kits
  • Changes in existing Ranger kits
  • Changes in existing Mage kits
  • Changes in existing Thief kits
  • Different Bard spell progression
  • Different Druid spell progression
  • Different Paladin spell progression
  • Different Priest spell progression
  • Different Ranger spell progression
  • Different Wizard spell progression
  • Disable High Level Abilities (HLA)
  • Weapon True Grandmastery
  • Elf can become a Druid
  • Spell Immunity cannot be included in contingencies
  • Replace Blindness with Spook spell for auto pick up
  • Increased non-celestial summon cap
  • Higher XP Cap
  • Tweaked XP level progression
  • 0 XP for learning spells, disarming traps, lockpicking
  • Spell effects sounds and animations
  • Hide IWD:EE Cleric kits
  • Hide IWD:EE Cleric spells
  • Hide IWD:EE Wizard spells
  • Remove IWD:EE scrolls from vanilla stores
  • Remove generic 2h axes from vanilla content
  • Restore BG2:EE version of inventory sounds

IWD1 content is currently in closed beta.
IWD2 content is about half way before it's fully playable.

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