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Welcome and congratulations!


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I hope I didn't miss a welcome thread (never sure I see all threads when browsing with my phone).

Just wanted to say I am very happy to have the EET projects here, and to see such a huge and wonderful mod project come to live.

Welcome to G3 and congratulations!

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Jastey ninja'ed me with this topic, so I just pop in and congratulates K4thos, White Agnus, Crevs Daak and all other contributors for making it happen. It's literally like my dreams coming true :)


This is absolutely amazing!

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I just wanted to say I created a new account just to post in this thread and say I really appreciate the work you're doing on getting this mod up and running. It's frankly one of the coolest things I've seen in the mod community for this game and it really is helping reinvigorate my interest in infinity engine modding in general.

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