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Stupidity cannot be healed!

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I uploaded yesterday :) - I changed stuff in the dialogue file, so on a saved game putting it in Override will cause problems. I will reupload an updated full version of the mod shortly, it should have the after Underdark stutter fixed. I did not want to do it before w/o adding any new content, but it is obviously overdue. Sorry about that, everyone. *hangs her head in shame*

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Guest John mackey
Kivan of Shilmista v3 (BETA) has been uploaded, so go grab it instead.


Hi CamDawg


New here and guess I'm going to have to register on this great site. LOL


Now currently I'm playing BG2 with TOB installed. If I d/l Beta v3 of Kivan of Shilmisa will have have to re install the whole game from scratch? Will I have to start the game over from the beginning? I'm currently headed to spellhold to take it down. I'm running two different saved games.





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I'd recommend you download v4 instead. :)



Okay downloaded version 4 last night early this morning and will install it and see what happens.


If I have to start a new game than so be it. Wouldn't be the first time for that there from testing out mods. LOL


Thanks for the infio




Aka: JohnMackey


Ps and yes I did register on this site. Love the site and love the Kivan mod so far

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