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Making a spell trigger for druid


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Im trying to make a spell trigger kind of spell for druid but it isnt working. I changed spell trigger to druid domain with near infinity and adjusted spell level and other parameters. In game, when i click spell, i can store spells normally. But the spell trigger icon isnt appearing in innates ability. Is it a bug or is it hard coded that druids/priests cant use it in innate?



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I think you HAVE to have xxxD.spl AND xxxP.spl set up like that - with your spell name plus "D" or "P" after it.


But yeah it's definitely possible to modify the spells, as I have done so in my mod.


One possible shortcut (you're just trying to do this for yourself, right, not for a mod you want to publish?)... one shortcut might be:


1) install my mod (Scales of Balance v4.3, component 600, Wizard Changes) onto some game, extract the spells related to Sequencer via NI (I think SPWI420 plus any spells referenced in its effects). Also extract any .BAM files associated with them.


2) rename the spells you extracted to something unique (and remember the "D" and "P" rule!); uninstall Scales of Balance and drop your renamed spells into your override folder. (Don't rename the .BAM file though, just drop it into /override.)


3) inspect your new spells in NI; change any effects that reference "SPWI420" or something related, to the new names. Also change anything that is a wizard spell to an innate ability instead.


4) give the new innate ability to your character with EEKeeper, or to your kit via its CLAB file, or whatever. Voila! You should have Spell Sequencer as an ability.


(If you *are* planning to use this in a published mod, then you shouldn't do the above - not because I won't share, but only because of you're going to publish a mod, you should know how it works! :p )

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ok thanks. I didnt know it has to be d or p after the spell name. I am making the modifications for myself will check scales of balance also.

Nope, that's another .spl file, so when you copy the spwi420.spl as for example as wi420.spl, you also have to edit the spwi420d.spl file, make the required adjustments ... and save it as wi420d.spl as well as spwi420p.spl, adjust... and save it as wi420p.spl ... You get it now ?

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