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Divine Remix Spell slots


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Hi All,


I just started up a new game of BG after many years and NPC 1 Level mod is one of my favorites to use, to give most of the characters interesting kits, or better classes.


The biggest change I made was turning Xzar into a strifeleader of Cyric as per divine remix. I figure, Cyric would work and than I would dual him into a mage, but whenever I run into him, he has 12 1st level Spell slots, instead of 3. Any ideas of what might be causing it? I don't have this issue if I make him a sorcerer, and when I create my own strifleader, I only have 3 slots. It's not super important that he is a strifeleader, since I am playing good this time around, but I like to make sure this isn't affecting my other changes.


I appreciate the hlinsight and help.

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