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BG2:EE - Unfinished Business, Almateria's RP, SC Stratagems, W.Tactics, far right difficulty slider (insane)


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This picture has a

Nothing. Try as you might to recreate the two poses the man have, and my bet is that you'll quickly find out that the spear could never go to the man at that angle. But then they didn't exactly have photography at that age.

Although it can be argued that actually the great artists actually used photographic technics to create their works. How, it's part of their skillset, aka they were able to use something like a whole in a box to enable them to trace the outlines of their subjects with extreme accuracy. Yeah, it actually works.


What a meaning of th...

Well, it's a part of a story. Imagine a town in the desert, and there's this man that looks totally out of his mind. And then he says the lines.

You are free to search for the limit - this is mean that I (i.e.) can try to search for limit of something, but limit of what exactly ???

The limits of sanity of course. See, he drew the (border)line in the sand. The trick is that the wind probably swept it away a long time ago.
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i'll punch you for your shameful attitude towards modern art

I hope the punch will be not so hard :p . The better just say me from an what anime is the hero that described on your avatar. This is a cool anime or an anime like that "abstract art". :)



This is NOGALO, ofc. ccc.....

Hello kreso .


First I can not to view a video "online", because of my stupid connection.

Second I have a hell no idea what this NOGALO is .... :)


Nothing. Try as you might to recreate the two poses the man have, and my bet is that you'll quickly find out that the spear could never go to the man at that angle. But then they didn't exactly have photography at that age.

Although it can be argued that actually the great artists actually used photographic technics to create their works. How, it's part of their skillset, aka they were able to use something like a whole in a box to enable them to trace the outlines of their subjects with extreme accuracy. Yeah, it actually works.


I think not. It is a very easy to strike like that with a spear. The spear with that angle is aimed right at the man (Hector).

Yeah some of an images is "obscured" and so what :) this is just a playing with perception and do not changing the nature of a things.


Well, it's a part of a story. Imagine a town in the desert, and there's this man that looks totally out of his mind. And then he says the lines.


Maybe it is a cool story.

The limits of sanity of course. See, he drew the (border)line in the sand. The trick is that the wind probably swept it away a long time ago.

Thanx! This is really helping me to understand that sentence at least.

As for me I believe in the sanity and humanity. But, unfortunately many times at 20th century (i.e.) humans that believes in different kind of a mythology did nasty the insane things. This is so sad :( . Especially sad that many of them still holding same utopia course... :cry:

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You can easily avoid to read my s*t that is a somekind of mini-blog and you may want to focus on the hard battles that is marked correspondingly. I tried to avoid much of spoilers. And do not know what is the final party will be. Perhaps: DIVINER, RANGER (because of a bug that I can not release Minsc), SUN SOUL MONK, ILLUSIONIST/THIEF , FIGHTER (or BOUNTY-HUNTER, I do not know for now), SHAPESHIFTER.

Athkatla. Slums District



Location Difficulty: Casual

The Enemies:

Harmless Enemies: The lot of.


This location looks like a gettos in the real life or like capital of Somalia..:( . The party has been attacked several times. Bregg1, and Cohrvale attacked the party regardless my attempt to avoid fight, but "Set Snare" x2, "Set Special Snare" x1, was good enough. Shady Character attacked the party near tavern and then fall back into the tavern but my companion follow her and defeated there, like in the western tv, a strangers came into the tavern fighting on :p.


In the Copper Coronet


I have found some companions, and I decided to hire some of them (most appreciably they hired the party to solve some of their problems ), I released female FIGHTER/DRUID, because she need some rest. Companions that have been recruited for a while (until I will solve their problems): MAGE/THIEF, CLERIC/FIGHTER, FIGHTER-BERSERKER. That mad DWARF is scares me... :p I hope I will release him as soon as possible. The party have been insulted by someone called Amalas and his party, hopefully I have managed to avoid the unnecessary battle, but after this Minsc tried to attack that NPC regardless of my orders, but in the last moment I pressed a spacebar and stopped his sword :p .

The battle in Copper Coronet was not so hard, I do not want to spoil but Minsc' "Charm Animal" was very useful, indeed. The beggars told a very useful information indeed to the party. Also I have found a weird NPC called "Hexxat" - this is some kind of a anagram ?


Inside the Slaver Stockade was a little fight, but "Potion of Fire Breath" + "Set Special Snare" + "Silence" works an amazing, like it is usual :p. (Suddenly that My DIVINER can not use his own offensive spells :/ because of restriction of the so named Cowled Wizards, but the good thing that my avatar is not restricted of using a magic wands :p ). I do no want to spoil but better you need keep some fire weapons because I was need to return and buy it, before the party entered a last room in the warehouse. . .


So regardless of any quest I need first done the slavery problem because of I do not want to let the slaves suffer any longer.

So The Sewers


Inside "The Copper Coronet" there stairs beneath the city. The party was welcomed by Hobgoblins right after an entrance... This HEXXAT looks so tired :S . Hell I hate this Otyughs, there from Prison-Dungeon.. So that miserable NPC called himself John Irenicus . The time will come, the moment will appear. I will gather all of the most devastating spells, the toughest companions, the greatest weapon and armour that I can, and then my avatar will unleash an almighty full elements armageddony inferno over that buckhead of this stupid bold Johny.. >:-|

Omg, a mad overpowered wizard, the mad dwarf, and now the mad ..|spoiler|.. O_o with a frikin riddles, this is an amazing. In the Sewers my avatar have found super cool Shaman's Staff, without druid in the party this a great staff.

After done with slavers I decided to travel in the Graveyard District because of Hexxat that stand to be very occupationally (before that I bought Azuredge +3, in the Copper Coronet Inn - this a battle Axe against undeads, because graveyard=undeads. ).

At last this stupid Korgan's quest have been done (last fight was an easy because of the battlefield - narrow passage and Yoshimo's traps.), and good thing that Korgan will be released, because he is not a kind of comrade that the party wants.. Obviously is there anybody who wants to wake up some day with an axe in his skull? ;/ . But the reward for this quest is great.

Suddenly the party have no time to rest , because of Nalia's problem ;./ . So the way is leading to The City Gates . But before it the party need some refresh with potions, and equipment. And I know what you think about - the Adventure Mart in the Waukeen's Pomerande District!


After this the party's way lead to The City Gates but, encounter with a very hostile dudes on the way is stopped a journey, and the the party is need to turn 180 degrees and come back to the Docks District, but just for little bit.


After this "little bit" the party have been returned to the Slums back, again because of Jaheira's quest. Copper Coronet then short journey to Government District, and very good deal is done, that cost to my party 1 000, not so bad, but I think I will never found money for license... ;-\

I have found "Protection from Fire" scroll in the wall of East Side of the Slums - cool! A Salvation for Jaheira's quest can be found in the Derelict House, East side of Slums. So I need to continue the Docks District exploration.


So after the long time the party is again in the Slums. And now it is time to release the Imoen , Gaelan Bayle's Home. Deamn it! I have 38k of gold but it is not enough! I think this is because the SCS mod '120k . ..' component installed. Omfg... So, where is Rashaad and secondary quests...?? So I remembered some quest , yes! I need to rescue the workers that trapped in by crazy spider druid ! To the Graveyard District.


So after a long pause the party is again in the Slums Districts, for now Jan Jensen need a help so the party's way leads right to the Jensen's House . This Uncle Gerharndt is a little bit weird... So the party have a free place for a while, I need to rescue the little girl, but before I need a full party, because hell no idea what a kind of danger there... So I decided to try that Cernd. And look if he is well motivated against evil things like a Jonny. So after the refresh items, spell scrolls , the munition and so on in that horrible and costly Adventurer Mart to the Trademeet for a while. Few TIMES! The party has been stopped by bandit orc's group, by ogres, and at last a weak opponent - Ettin , if you will find something like it, just split your party and use missiles. After the taking in this Cernd, the way leads to the Government District then to the Copper Coronet. And then to the sewers with that crazy pool. . . Cool I have found 'Decipated Hand' in the little armoured pool right South-West after entrance.. On the crossroad at the wall you can found two skeletons and the "Lover's Ring" there. In the South-East tunnel you can found the Hidden. Hidden are not a kindly person, indeed... So Sea'Bounty in the Docks District. Omg.. to the Bridge District Five Flagons. The bandits attacked the party and just runs away! But they can easily kill my 30 HP Diviner because he can no use magic inside this cursed town, what a noobs! ^_^ . This Githyanki a very weak. So I think is is a time to deal with that crazy pool .


Quallo - "Where the topside filth drains, there are the clues."


Hmmmm. Maybe this is a decapitated hand that I have found in that dirty tube? So I have ring, hand and staff but I need four clues... Damn it.

pffffffffff spent a lot of time to resolve this sh***t.


A Second Pipe


"No sacrifice will do

But the blood of a friend true

But guilt will leave its slain

If you wish to have the blade"


I tried to hit my party members - nothing. I jsut do not want to kill any friends, but the I have some memories about who is this Carion Crawler to Quallo, he is a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want to kill this Carion but Quallo may want to be free.. so .


About the ring: "It is not first, nor does it belong in the third pipe."

okey-dokey. 2-4th then,


About the hand: "It is Vallah's hand that cast the One into the depths. His sufferings is of prime importance."

One, prime, maybe the first pipe? I hate this riddles!


about the staff: "The staff shall seal the bargain and prove your worth."

maybe it is a last one??


So after the failed attempts and lot of an electrical damage that my avatar suffers. I have found a true sequence of a pipes

WHAHAHHWAHHA. Yeah that was something that I can not predict ^_^. Too many of mad things in the party , indeed.

So Quallo is now a free man. good ^_^ .

But still I have feelings that something more was under this riddles, this sword can not be a reason of that or a cause. And obviously a very violent game with Quallo ... Hmm. And curse it! I lost my favorite Shaman's Staff .....!


Unfortunately I need to release FIGHTER for a while because I have no other candidates al chars need an experience, and I need to resolve Jaheira's quest and Cernd's quest. So to the Trademeet The party attacked by stupid ogre bandits!!! Never mind - the brewery of comrades, Potion of Inisibility, Kitthix, then "Death" and good. And then to the Druid Grove. OMFG. After I rest a while outside in the Trademeet, but not inside the tavern Jaheira has left the party.... This quests make me mad... So back again the that strange place - Harpers Hold. But before I need to take a FIGHTER again. There was some tough fight but nothing more dangerous than casual band with some wizards and priest. So at last to the frikin' Druid Grove


So after the lot of quests in the Druid Grove and the Trademeet the party arrived to Slums again, and in the instantly the another Cernd's quest appeared... So little sold of the stash and and the another quest for that blasted illithium.. But before the party is need to go that circus district.


It is time to solve that mystery with a sphere...




The Planar Sphere

- pretty cool place, but still I do not like a round doors... If you will turn left you will find a Clay Golem


Clay Golem - A Gray tall golem .

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - High (In the close combat).

Special Abilities: - Unpenetrable by any magic. Immune to slashing and piercing damage. Fast like hell. Causing Slow. Some curses.

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - Kill it with crushing damage and well armoured characters.


And you will be a very disappointed if your party have not a good crushing damage things, like my was... Ah where is Jaheira if the party need her.... Reyna, Onvo, Ancan - weird ones. But this knights can provide a useful information. The developers have a weak imagination indeed , that is why they thinking that all 'worlds' must be with a knights, feudalism and so on... It is a little bit poor... The West - Halfring Warriors have only one buff - Haste that is very easy to dispel.. Little bit further you will found Entu and his party, so be prepared to not so easy fight, as for me I throws almost the all magic , an anti-magic that I have from a "Lightning Bolt" (that was a damn deadly) to the "Breach".

Little bit Northern you can found the golem building place. Right north you also may found a round room with evil halfring group that leading by Necre - as for me "Animated Dead", "Cloudkill" x3, "Death Fog", "Disintegrate" to Magical Sword, and the end.

If you have some Coal - that is good, but I left 1 piece of coal at the some halfring body, returning... And the third cola laying in the table that in the room with a golem building device.


Fire Elemental - Looks like a tall burning man.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - An immune to fire. An immune to the normal weapon.

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - Target and kill it with +2 ranger weapon, try to be not involving in the close combat.


In the room that laid little bit West you will find two stone golems and onbe :


Juggernaut Golem - The apprentice of a casual golem, but do not be foolish this is a far more dangerous enemy!.

Survivability: - Very High

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Fast. The full immunity to magic. An immune to the < +2 weapons. Can slow it's enemies

Danger: - Very High.

Tactics: - That piece of scrappy stuff is a tough like a bloody hell. I do not know how to defeat it, my victory was just an accident. I blocked the way with "Otiluke's Resilinet Sphere" (before it I used "Doom" on the Stalker to reduce Valygar's saving throw against spell), so the Stone Golems was a just target little bit above the sphere... But the duration of sphere is off, and this Juggernaut appeared... I baited this moron on my Stalker and 'kited' it in the room with a fire elementals . I used the almost all of my magic +2 ammo. I used "Pierce Magic", almost all of my party spells, but ALL was useless! The moron was only BARELY injured (1 damage by can be done to that golem...) but the happens something unbelievable... "Chromatic Orb" - Juggernaut Golem: Death! WHAHAHAWHHHAHAHA! Sure that is something that I did not expect...


So after rebuilding the golem, things is going nasty very fast, but good that the cursed Elder Orb is dead... So before the party will go to the navigator room, I need to explore the rest of location.


So the room right North after the room with a table and 3 knights. The Spiked Room. There you will find a Shahuagin Baron, Shahuagin Baronial Guard, Shahuagin Priestess, Shahuagin - that some kind of water creatures.. And they are very dangerous, especially in the distance combat. Just run little bit over door, it will locked, the you can open the lock with thief's skill. As for me I used the summon - Skeleton Warrior to bait them of, and the "Cloudkill" x3, "Skull Trap" x2, "Slow" x1.

The barons, the knights, kings the developer's imagination is obviously sux hard... And the naturally water creatures with a crossbows... Yeah. This is just a stupid. So the Room with a stupid Runes - after few wrong attempts the door is unlocked.

To the Power Core


Tolgerias - Looks like an evil magician in the grey hood.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Very High.

Special Abilities: - The Very good spell arsenal tha includes some kind of a 'Time Stop' ability, a duplications, and the very powerful summoned creatures. Dragon Breath. And a hell bucket of another devastating spells..

Danger: - High.

Tactics: - Use location to avoid his spells, and DO NOT send anyone with low Save vs Breath to the front.... Then Antimagic, summons, AoE, all protections that you have especially against fire and the lightning, and so on... in general the all anti-wizard stuff that you have.... As for me I used almost all that I have to defeat that an evil wizard. But the fight was not so hard as I though.


Lol that nubish wizard used "Khelben's Warding Whip" on my party but they was already without nay protections ... And me stupid too, I used almost all my "Contagion" and "Deafness" to the his simulcarnum omfg... But Black Spider Figurine - Kitthix was a salvation . lol. Besides that horrible summons I even did not noticed that an another Mage there. ^_^.

If you will go little bit East you will find Greater Fire Elemental, Noble Effereti, Magma Mephits, I did not investigate the power of that enemies because I used the "Chaotic Sphere" - that killed Effereti, "Mordekainen's Sword" - to the door pass, and "Disintegrate" - that killed Greater Fire Elemental instantly. But that cursed djin was a powerful and dangerous one indeed.

If you will go to the North from a large round room you will found some Snow Trolls, Ice Mephits, and the Winter Wolf.


Snow Troll - A Tall troll.

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Low.

Special Abilities: - The full resistance to the ice, the snow, the frost etc.

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - Send someone well protected and under "Fire Shield (Red)" to engage them in the close combat and support him with archers/magic.


So "Fire Shield (Red)" by SUN SOUL MONK, "Contagion", "Staff of Fire +2" - Conjure Fire Elemental x1, "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" and the LOT of damage from the other party members was enough. If you will foollow to the North from Fire room or from the Ice room, you will see cool

Room with the mass of 'black' evil

And there Clay Golem, Hope I you have a good crushing damage... And there treasure! 6k! Marry Christmas! So back to the previous level ...


The Navigator's Room like a Disney's 'Navigator':

And there that an evil Lavok is.


Lavok - The white faced the black wearied an evil undead wizard.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - In additional to the undead immunities Lavok have a Very Good spell arsenal that includes a powerful summons and AoE, the time stopping, and so on...

Danger: - High

Tactics: - Like versus a standard wizard, but try to use "Azuredge +3". I so hate this Fallen Planetars... that is a deadly enemy indeed. As for me I used the almost all of my antimagic arsenal (5 spells), and the fast focus Lavok.


This Lavok was the more easy enemy then that cursed dude in the Power Core... But still the fight was not a casual one. Lol 'hunt the deamon' I hope it will not like a fight with Aec'Letec in bg1... The East door is leads to the room with a Mushroom Colony.


Spore Colony - The tall red mushroom.

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Low.

Special Abilities: - Constantly spawning Myconids. Can not move. Poisonous Cloud around.

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - Do not go inside that cursed cloud. This mushroom is a perfect target for "Death Fog". Also you can focus it with a 'Haste' spell.


The North door leads to the room with a Lizard-like creatures that is harmless.


So to the Demonic Valley:

Yeah this is not a Miamy-Beach... The Imps, the Salamanders seems to be harmless. If you will walk North you will found Tanar'ri


Tanar'ri - Looks like a bat-creature with horns - exactly like Aec-Letec from bg1 that can speak, usually it says somethin' like a "your death will be painful..."

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - The hell bucket of an immunities. Good Magic Resist. Can span a very annoying Mephits. Can teleport itself anywhere in the view range. Can see an invisible things.

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - You need protection from fire, focus it with heavy armoured characters. As for me I used - "Mass Invisibility" and the LOT of heal....


Little bit North-East you may found Lea'Liyl - that is an another tanari that also likes to kill any things in the sight..


Lea'Liyl - The another 'friendly' tantari. With a hell lot of a word arsenal.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - The hell bucket of an immunities. Good Magic Resist. Can span a very annoying Mephits. Can teleport itself anywhere in the view range. Can see an invisible things. Can spawn powerful an invisible Ettercap - Maurezhi. Death Gaze (silence , paralize, fire damage)

Danger: - High

Tactics: - The son of the preacher man is a damn tough! As for me I used: "Greater Malison", "Disintegrate" (on the Maurezhi), "Contagion" x2 on the Lea'Liyl, "Mordenkainen's Sword", "Detect Invisibility", "Summon Insects", "Delirious Decay", LOT of heal and lot of running around and of course that was a LUCK ...


So the location is full of tanari.. Hahha Mane, almost busted ! Good that this china monk have a good saving throws... Yeah, to clear the perimeter form an easy enemies first by a chines monk stalker and Minsc was a good idea! Ring of the Ram killed the last tanari that I saw. Time to back into the stupid sphere.

Inside the Planar Sphere the party have found Nabassu - the another unpleasant wings creature. As for me I blocked the way (entrance round door) with "Mordenkainen's Sword" and sent the warriors with a long weapons such as two-handed sword and staff.

At least the Lavok is free, anyway that was a night, but I think the light from a casual star is not so important, the much more important is that Lavok is free. Valygar seems to be a super capable, but I can not release Minsc to take him into party... Because of a stupid bug.

So for the instant I did return the party into this acursed planar sphere, there the party have meet this Teos, I tried to ask let them free Imoen, but with no success, so then I tried to ask this cowled dudes to return Reyna and her friend to their home, but Teos refused, at least he gave some of an useful information - to the Adventurer's Mart! But first the party is need to sold some things.. Little bit South of the Planar Sphere the party encountered Bodhi - an another crazy Vampire. I tried to kill her but with no success, stupid vampire runs away..


So the location is basically explored.



To be continued . . .


Athkatla. Graveyard District



Location Difficulty: Casual

The Enemies:

Harmless Enemies: The lot of.


This location looks like a Gothic cemetery . Obviously there full of the undead creatures. if you will turn to the East after a District Entrance from Slums, you will find

Tomb of Dragomir ,

this is the tomb that Hexxat is need for. The "Tomb of Dragomir" is full of a pathetic undead creatures and a dangerless souls of a thief. Omg... The tomb within a tomb, this is an amazing.. Also the party have find some kind of a guard, fortunately the conversation ends not in a bloody hell battle, like it is usually happens :) . Dragomir the Red is a very easy enemy, no speed, no range damage just a target for "Azuredge +3", "Dear Charm" and "Domination" is little bit annoying, but when you split the party that will solve the problem. The biggest trouble that this piece of Dragomir have a self-healing ability :(. Anyway "Azuredge +3" will kill him easily. OMFG! This HEXXAT! This Stupid developers... :/ . So I decided to move in the old hard way, I am not too sentimental, but I do not like when some pick to kill an easiest and an innocent figure, the city of Akanthla is full of any kinds of a bastardly NPCs, and I see no reason to pick as a target someone poor defenceless. Just because it a "rule of Nature, or a way to survive". So fo now it is time to return the party in the "Copper Coronet" to help to that mad stupid dwarf - Korgan. ;/ You may be attacked by the slavers party leads by Eldarin, as for me , reload, prebuff - kill em` all! . Very sad that the magic can not be used inside Akanthla city :( , not a fair. So time to rest and recruit this ... Korgan (for 500 gold OMFG!), and then his quest must be solved, and Korgan must be released. Yeah, Jonny have some offer to the my avatar , and my avatar have some offer to Jonny - the bucket of a costless Fireballs :S . Omg "Nalia's" quest must be solved too, an amazing, simultaneously two characters quests :( .


So right the West of District Entrance in the "Graveyard District" the Tomb with traps and spiders can be found. Damn, this "Korgan" is tough one in the fight. Hah! The Luck is with the party, this Tomb is teh right Tomb for a Korgan's stupid quest. But his Tomb is larger then A Slums District of Akanthla :D. Surrounded by Undeads? Not a problem - "False Dawn" + "Turn Undead" + "Azuredge +3" "Resist Fear (scroll)" = the end. "The Skeleton Warriors" in the BG2:EE is a weak shadows of the "Skeleont Warriors" of the BG1:EE - indeed. So fo now the party's way is leading to the Temple District.


After a long time pass the party again in this place... And now I have a sword for that mad druid beneath a District. In the North-West of this location you can found Tirdir, NPC that are in a bad situation... Near those Tirdir you can found a crypt, which contain the Crypt King - hell do not know idea who was he, but a fight was not so hard. Little bit North you may found Sethle and the another crypt, SUN SOUL MONK + RANGER equipped with a "Azuredge +3" an imbalanced combination against the weak undead creatures. The crypts contains some goods, but the party IS NOT a petty grave-robbers, so this good will be where its has been placed. So a crypt by crypt this location has been basically explored. The time to go beneath the Graveyard and bring the sword to Pa'Nai and release the workers.

Sad, that was a very good sword from bg1... So many an evil spiders has fallen by his blows... But good that a workers now is free. So the Bridge District because of quest from 'buried man'.


The Location is basically explored



To be continued . . .


Athkatla. Temple District (-The Pictures inside a spoiler-)



Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies: The lot of.


The location looks like a something in the middle upon Persian culture and Renaissance Europe. Great and beautiful buildings Not so bad, at all. With the first visit in this beauteous place the party have no time to explore it because of Korgan's and Nalia's quests.


So after some time , and with resolved some quest, the party has been return from Umar Hills to the Temple District for the blade for Pai'Na, and for the rescue of the workers that imprisoned by that foolish druid. Instant the party has been interrupted by Jaheira's friend from a Harpers - Dermin.


The Temple of Helm is a weird place with lot of strange symbols (more strange only in the Lethander's Temple)... At the night, near The Temple of Helm you can find the mad Shadow Thief. He (or she) spokes some long story, and he looks a little bit "unstable" . I the center of the District some called Gaal can be found . This is a quest. Gaal speaks not bad, about that worshipping to the Gods are little bit foolish..., but Gaal is a worshiper too, some kind of cult, so he is bad. In the Temple of Helm I heard about the Prism of Nashkel - this a an artist NPC from Nashkel Mines, I remembered that I tried to save his life, but failed. So to the Jesstev Estate - Government District

Right there the party has been encountered by Parisa and the Shadow Thief, so the fight was and "Azuredge +3" throws by Minsc kills Parisa. . After the j. estate - to the Wauken's Pomerande.

Omfg. The party has been attacked by slavers, raaaargh , no magic, no even priest spells versus 2 frikin mages and three invisible dudes. !!! Me going mad.

What an amazing attempt that was! Avatar with 2 HP left, Jan stunned their wizzard under stoneskin and contingency , and then they all falls BUT I forgot about the last invisible dude (4 invisible backstabbers was though 3 of them.), and when I looting corpses he killed my avatar, omfg, so many reloads... Next time I was smart, and prepared two potion of invisibility for my magicians. So jump to Wukeen's Pomeranede District section.

And again the party in the Waukeen's Pomerande District, because of quest of Helm's Temple. After some refreshing items in the Adventurer's Mart, the party is need to rest after hard fight against slavers band.

And now again to the Slums... Near Copper Coronet, Gorf the Squisher insults a FIGHTER from the party, good that fight is avoided for now. But Gorf did a big mistake, he attacked innocent NPC so revenge mus will be done! Gorf was not so bad, but Mazzy was better, in addition the Mazzy's attack speed give the opportunity to use a hit-and-run tactics. no chance for Gorf. The items can be gathered right at place where stands Gorf's yellow friend. So Ungar ... , mentioned about "ruined temple of a dead god" - ahhh yes, that Amaunantor dude. so to the Ruined Temple again but before I want to explore some of Bridge District .


After exploring the Bridge District, I need to resolve this problems int Temple District, the party include Anomen (because of sewers , and probably undead creatures there....). But the first, Anomen have his own quest. So the High Hall of the Radiant Heart! In the road you can found Haletlatess Jillian - halfring prophet, like always Mazzy and Jan messed up with it... Right after you can found some prophets and worshipers of that ridiculous "Unseeing Eye"... Talon Nirkhas - funny priest of another god. And Miranda - some NPC that need to found 'father' for his child. Yeah The Temple of Talos is an impressive. Little bit West can be found Counter Carravis - an another priest.

Ohh... near the Hall of the Radiant Hear, Dorn is there. So the killing machine is planing to kill another one. I talks few time, and then I have found the way to avoid the fight with Dorn, and just left him 'as is'. In general , the noble of Radiant Heart is a warriors, and Dorn is a warrior too, so if they will fought each others - that will be a normal way of events.

Inside the the Hall you can obtain another quest that leads you to the Bridge District. And something weird with this Hall, especially with it's interior. . . So I get through almost all of a Bridge District before I have found this stupid fallen paladins right South of the North-East Gate. I thought that fight will be hard, and used party's summons, but I thought very wrong ... This Anarg was not so honored as I though, after the party's refusing to join his gang, Anarg attacked, and obviously like their real life prototypes Armored Knights is a just target for more mobile forces equipped with missile weapons...





So to the Sewers.

Harmless Enemies: Kobolds, Gauths, Sea Troll


The Pretty modern sewers, as for myself opinion. In the South part of sewers Roger the Fence can be found. And he will offer to you an quest. Right West from Roger you can found a crazy powerful bunch of eyes! Beholder - this is the problem...


Beholder - Bunch of flying eyes with a mouth that contain huge amount of a sharp teeth.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Very High .

Special Abilities: - Protected by Gauths (very annoying little ones). Insane attack speed. Lot of a deadly spells. Very good damage. Each attack have a chance to kill anyone instantly.

Danger: - High.

Tactics: - "Greater Malison" . Hiding from it's spells and try to use some of an indirect magic.


That Roger have a VERY good potions to sell. In the West part of Sewers you can foun Jeagger and Hurg, the city workers that can sold to you a sword that is need for a crazy druid beneath the Graveyard District. I tried to buy it for 1 000 gold, but they did not believed so 200 was fine. Spider Bane +2 can be found in BG1:EE too. A very good sword.

At the North West side of map we can found Keldorn the Inquisitor, so I decided to looks closely what is that Keldorn actually is, and replaced Anomen with him.

Tarnor the Hatchetman and his gang can be found in the North of location. Suddenly my attempts to resolve the situation in the peaceful manner has end with no success. That is not an easy fight but not so hard too, like a casual bandits group but with a powerful leader that have a good range and meele damage. The Tactics - Chaos, Chaos, AoE, AoE, Summons, lot of a damage by warriors, lot of heal = the end. Also there can be found several secret doors, one of its will lead

to the Secret Entrance.


Harmless Enemies: Mephits, Greater Yuan-Tis


This secret entrance looks perfect like a some floors of Durlag's Tower of BG1:EE.. Never-mind this 'entrance' is a full of Mephits and Yuan-Tis,


Yuan-Ti Mage - A tall lizard that can speak (usually harass) and throw spells .

Survivability: - Low (High when protected by fighters)

Damage: - High .

Special Abilities: - An Offensive spell arsenal (AoE). Some hold and cause weakness spells. Annoying defensive magic arsenal that includes "Shields".

Danger: - Low (when protected by fighters - High).

Tactics: - Just do not be catches in AoE spells. "Spell Thrust" and other anti-magic is useful. Alone it is an easy target, but protected by some warriors it a *big* trouble.


that is annoying... So an indirect magic, an anti-magic spells (like Secret Word) a many AoE, and so on.. like always. And you can preform the same trick as in the battle against TorGal.


You can block the way with a "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere", and then use AoE. Yuan-Ti's is a perfect target for "Disintegrate", "Flesh to Stone" because they does not dropping an any useful items. Turned in the stone Yuan-Ti, can block the way "permanently", until you will destroy the monument..




Suddenly Mekrath attacked regardless of an any attempts to resolve the situation in the peaceful manner...


In the center of the sewers you can found some Kobolds and Rakshasa


Rakshasa - Looks like a big bipedal cat in Renaissance hat.

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Have some of a defensive and offensive magic. Full resist to the lightning damage. Almost immune to the all kinds of magic (that includes AoE, Anti-magic spells such as "Spell Thrust", "Secret Word", "Breach", so on ).

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - Try to send someone well protected against spells ("Magic Resitance") and equipped with a +2 weapon, and then after the stupid cat used some of it's spells - attack by others. Lot of heal, of course.


Also in the North part of the location, the locked secret door can be found.


So this time to go into the The Old Tunnels:


Harmless Enemies: Mephits, Shadows, Hell Hounds, Vampiric Mists, Wraiths


The old tunnels looks more modern if it compared to the "new" ones outlook. There a rusty colours in the trend. Little bit South-East from the entrance - nice ambush , hou-hou-hou. Another good ambush, just I want to say that you need fast turn out the vent... So the little bit of Sacred Shrine on the Unseeing Eye, not a cute place... But at least they can give the quest.

Sassar can give the quest too, for myself the will help to Sassar.


Shade Lich - Casual piece of the scrappy bones.

Survivability: - High

Damage: - Very HIgh.

Special Abilities: - A very deadly spell arsenal. Good protective magic that includes high levels invisibility. Hell lot of an immunities (like a undead creatures usually have) .

Danger: - High.

Tactics: - Run, Run, the counter attack under "Death Ward", "Magic Resistance", all anti-magic that you have, "Azuredge +3", and hell you need a luck too....


So alike in the house of Bridge District, again sarcophagus, again word "Kagnaxx" this is a some kind of anagram? The more I hear bout this "Kagnaxx" the less I want to see it myself... You can place someone right there lich appearing place, equipped with "Azuredge", and then try to kill him before it will brings the nine hells upon your party foolish heads. . .




To the Lower Reaches

Harmless Enemies: Spiders, Gibberlings, Ghasts, Mummies, Wraiths


The wide cavern... I hope it will be not a cursed dragons... The pathetic spiders, and that is all? Gibberlings? Lol... The good tactics is to send someone under invisibility to explore the way, in the my case that was Diviner (avatar) because he have no spells left. Undeads? Where is a Minsc with his Azuredge?

Lol . the Guardian Whahahah Minsc is a smart like me, me though it is a Death too ^_^ . So I need to left the Guardian alone for a while, because the party is hell not know about this stupid riddles. The stupid Statue with a Nose every time you clicking on it, you will get a bunch of monsters appeared!


Guardian: "The bridge has fallen and ends in death. Call forth the name to summon the path. What is the bridge? "


Hmmm. Existence? Wrong! I need the my stupid English vocabulary. call the name to summon the path... - Age? Wrong! Maybe it is Life? Yes! Omfg... The Another Riddle, this Guardian must be destroyed. The Stupid ruined piece of rock!


Guardian: "You are not alone on the bridge. Call forth the name to summon the path. It ravels with you, and through it you, and yet it does leave you behind travel. Who is with you "


Hmmm. . . The Time? - Yeah baby Minsc in a roll!! huh yeah, another riddle..


Guardian: "The bridge is not stable, and the end changes place. Call forth the name to summon the path. Choose the most difficult step on the bridge."


Hmm... The first one? Wrong! Oh lol daf... you THE CHOICE is the most difficult, if you just a slave of your 'fate' or a gods, or the nation , this is a bad... Stupid guardian

The current one? Hoozzaay!


Oh yeah! Beholders x3, and Gauth, it is an amazing... this a very annoying type of enemies, one of it you may found before, i.e. that in the Sewers.

So the party is need to rest before the fight, because of summons and other AoE stuff.

There will be a hard battle but combo of "Greater Maslison" + "Chaos", also beholders sometimes a good target for "Disintegrate", "Flesh to Stone" + a bravery of comrades and the ranger weapon multiplied by a lot of luck - the end.




So up to the stairs.. I thought Jan have some jokes about that metallic statutes Lol... Weird indeed. Diseased Ones I need to help them, somehow.

Inside the weird Temple with a pipes, you can find Empathic Manifestation - something like a Aec'Letec from bg1. But as for me I do not like to do that demons say to the party. so I have switched off AI, and just avoid to hit this moron for a while.. Then I tried to cure the demon with "Cure Serious Wounds" that I have found in the Altar, but that was a stupid idea... Ahahhahah NO IT IS NOT! Yes!

So now I need to help the Avatar, cool enough. The Rift Device Part - as for me I like a Rifts ^_^ .




Sot to The Pit of the Faithless!

Harmless Enemies: Ghasts, Mummies, Gauths, Cultists


This place is sucks much more then even a 'sweet home of the cult' ... Yo will welcomed with a bunch of undead creature - standard tactic, bait them in someone good protected from magic, fear, etc (in my case that was Keldorn), and then runs with him by cycle and hit the morons with an another character that have "Azuredge +3".




So I just was wonder about a speaking Zombie, after the fight, so I led the party to follow him (or her..). So leaved them in peace as the Mayor asked. But the party killed that frikin' Lich that follow them outside the 'City'. So to the Pit of Faithless again!

For now it is something like a flesh narrows caves, that filled with a horrible beholders..

Like always - exploring location with invisible users, an indirect Greater Malison + "Chaos" and lot of luck! And lot of other horrible , Beholders are tough!

When you will be near the Southern 'Living thing' , after taking the piece of the Rift Device prepare for fight..

The battle will be no so hard, but you need to do thing very fast or Unseeing Eye will destroy your party in few rounds... That because


Unseeing Eye - An overpowered Beholder.

Survivability: - Low (a Very High without using of The Rift Device)

Damage: - Very High.

Special Abilities: - Do you remember how dangerous beholders are? Now you can imagine how this piece of ... is dangerous. Can spawn Death Tyrants - a very dangerous foes...

Danger: - Very High.

Tactics: - Place the summons, prepare magic weapons, and "Stone To Flesh" spells/scrolls. Fast surround the place where Beholder will appear, press SPACEBAR and before it will appear and use The Rift Device instead on him and VERY fast finish it before Unseeing Eye will do something nasty that will kill a half of the party.... Then focus a Death Tyrants, that will be a hard task... Because of their ability to kill anyone with instant and their an INSANE attack speed,to be better you must focus on a damage but not on the disabling magic. And good luck ^_^.




The morons turned to stone Minsc, but good that the party always have "Stone To Flesh" from my avatar, the one slot of the 6th level is worth for it.


In the center of the cavern you can found a bunch of cultists, compare to other enemies in this area they are harmless.. In the North section of the cavern you can found a "Dragon's Bane +3" - a very cool halberd, also there a Skydrop Gem. So the location is explored time to go and bring the Device to the Avatar. An now it is time go finish this quest. In the cultists headquarters you can found a many of useful spells.


So the quest about the cult of Unseeing Eye is done. Keldorn's quest is so stupid... It will first appear when you move into the Government District with Keldorn, then you need to search out a frikin' district to locate Keldorn's house, and then will starting a medieval bullshit about the punishments for married peoples... >_< . So now the way leds to the Radiant Heart house. You can found Garrick there, the same Garrick from bg1. So that medieval bullshit is end, and I think would be better to release Keldorn, yes he was a very good fighter, but he need a rest. And to additional that I do not like an 'inquisition' word. So< for now the party is need to resolve a Yoshimo's quest, it is looks like that this quest in the Docks District. Right after, the party's attempt to resolve Bloodscalp quest, Mazzy's quest appears.... To the Trademeet.


Returning after meet at Trademeet, and this Jaheira's friend Dermin Courtierdale appears again.... So , okey-dokey to the Harpers Hold, and nothing there , what the hell... Anyway , I replaced for a while Rashaad with Yoshimo, and he easily took the Necklace of Talos from Mistress Ada under "Potion of Thievery".

And the you may want to resolve some other quests form a Helm Temple.


The location is basically explored . . .



To be continued . . .


Athkatla. The City Gates



Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies: none .


A small location with a small gate in front and the small Inn by left-side.


After the long time a party insert this district with Rasaad yn Bashir and there quest was! Omfg... Hopefully I managed to convince Rashaad avoid this madness and cultists mumbo-jumbo.. Suddenly that stranger attacked right after. little bit further the party have meet Hanj - and of course the party stand on the side of an innocent Merchant. Borrokin Amphitheatre where the hell is it? Ah yeah! It is on the World Map. So the party is need to bring back Mazzy, and go to the stupid Amphitheatre.


At the second floor of the Crooked Crane you may found to NPC - Aulava and Tiiro . So as for me I decided to set them advice to decide for themselves what they want. Over the secret door at the first floor you may found a frigging Lich. That is powerful...


Lich - The foolish bones scrap that can speak - obviously something like a "You will die!" . This cursed bones is though like a hell!

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Very High

Special Abilities: - A VERY good spell arsenal that includes a heavy summoned creatures , time-stop, and the good protective magic. Undead immunities.

Danger: - High

Tactics: - "Azuredge +3" hell lot of anti-magic,the protective magic/abilities, and pray for a trigger is appeared... ^_^. Summons is not so useful there..


That was a good enemy , but this creature even have no let me chance to apologise for the disturbances that I have made to it - rush attack is not a good way to say "Hello" for a strangers.


The location is basically explored..



Link to post

I am sorry for the double post, BUT - your forum have an limit of BB Codes per post, and limit of IMG bb codes especially that making my thumbnail an invisible. so after that limit is reached forums starting to mess with it... Or that was my i.browser, but I have doubts about that..


de'Arnise Hold (-The Hard Battle(s)--The Pictures inside a spoiler-)



Location Difficulty: Average (High if you have no powerful anti-invisibility magic)

Harmless Enemies: Trolls, Ice Trolls, Yuan-Tis, Greater Yuan-Tis, Umber Hulks, Elder Umber Hulks, Giant Trolls


Looks like a little castle within the wilderness. Right after the party has been left a City Gate, a stupid slavers attacked ;/ . That was the more good fight then any other before, but fortunately the magicians can use the magic outside the Athkatla so "Stoneskin" + "Chaos" (only affected on humans, Orogs are an immune) + "Polymorph Self: Mustard Jelly" (The Orogs have no magical swords o_o) + "Oil Of Speed" + lot of heal and luck ^_^ = The Victory! .

The tactics against Trolls is simple - "Hide in Shadows", then locate the morons and welcome them with a "Fireball".


If you will travel little bit North from the entrance, you will find couple of trolls with a weird glowing dude - Spirit Troll, that is something like a annoying kind of enemies.


Spirit Troll - Looks like a transparent green troll.

Survivability: - High

Damage: - Average .

Special Abilities: - An Offensive spells (1 AoE spell :/). Debuff in close combat. A permanent Sanctuary against Spells + Invisibility :-( . An immune to the normal weapons. Self-regeneration under Invisibility :-(. A good protection against arrows. This troll is fast.

Danger: - Average/High.

Tactics: - The Quite annoying piece of a moron ... Alone this is a just target but combined with a group of his fellas this is a good enemy. "Protection from Fire", "Resist Cold and Fire" and "Acid Arrows", "Fire Arrows +2", "Detect Invisibility" and so on is useful.


After checking of North side of the map, you can travel to the West-side, and then into the castle.



The battle for de'Arnise Hold foie

The Enemies: Spirit Troll x3, Troll x4, Ice Troll x3

The Party and Used Items, a Spells, an Abilities: MAGE-DIVINER 11th ("Chromatic Orb" x1, "Detect Invisibility" x2, "Fireball" x2, "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" x1, "Cloudkill" x1, "Animate Dead" x1, "Cure Light Wounds" x2, "Dispel Magic" x1 (scroll)); RANGER 11th ("Cure Light Wounds" x1, "Arrows of Fire +2"); THIEF-BOUNTY_HUNTER 11th ("Set Snare" x3, "Set Special Snare" x3, "Acid Arrows"); MAGE/THIEF 10th/4th ("Melf's Acid Arrow" x1, "Cloudkill" x1, "Arrows of Fire +2"); FIGHTER/CLERIC 12th/7th ("Cure Light Wounds" x3, "Draw Upon Holy Might" x1, "Spiritual Hummer" x1, "Cure Medium Wounds" x1, "Invisibility Purge" x1, "Cure Critical Wounds" x1, "Aerial Servant" x1); FIGHTER/DRUID 8th/10th ("Cure Medium Wounds" x1, "Protection From Fire" x1, "Cure Serious Wounds" x2, "Cure Critical Wounds" x1, "Mass Cure" x1)


So the first good fight in the BG2:EE. Tactic can that can bes used is simple - make an ambush over the little stone bridge.




Then you need to say hello for our troll friends.




After this , fast run to the ambush (and better if your bait have some of a fire protection and luck ^_^) . Hold the bridge with most armoured characters or summons, you can use AoE spell very efficiently in this case. Also "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" is useful, hold your anti-invisible spell until casual trolls will die, then focus spirit ones.




Little bit of luck, "Cloudkill" x2 and some bravery of the frontliners



In the North-East bathroom you can find "Star Sapphire". At the second floor you may found Yuan-Ti Mage


Yuan-Ti Mage - A tall lizard that can speak (usually harass) and throw spells .

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Hight .

Special Abilities: - An Offensive spell arsenal (AoE). Some hold and cause weakness spells.

Danger: - Low (when protected by fighters - Hight).

Tactics: - Just do not be catches in AoE spells. "Spell Thrust" and other anti-magic is useful. Alone it is an eas target, but protected by some warriors it a *big* trouble.


If you find difficult to deal with bunch of trolls, try to trap them into narrows passage and the use "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" to block the way , this is a good combo with ranged weapons. Omfg! Golems.. , do not repeat my mistakes - I forgot to buy the potions against this crushed damage, to additional to it the party's 'munition is off :( . So I attempted to left the golems alone for a while. The roof


Spectral Troll - A transparent blue/green tall troll - little bit weaker version of a Spirit Troll .

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - A hell lot of immunities. Good resist to any of weapon.

Danger: - Average.

Tactics: - Try to hold them up with summons or a most heavily armoured characters . Focus with spells .


Narrows passages at the roof is very point for victory.




In the basement will be sad surprise - the bunch of Umber Hulks, not a hard enemy, but be careful of their damage... Yeah, good and heroic de'Arnise family have a torture machinery in the basement , wow , be proud - heroic medieval stuff ;/ .



The battle against the big boss

The Enemies: Spirit Troll x3, Giant Troll x2, Spectral Troll x1, Yuan-Ti Mage x2, TorGal x1, Umber Hulk Elder x1

The Party and Used Items, a Spells, an Abilities:

MAGE-DIVINER 11th: "Luck" x1, "Agannazar's Scorcher" x2 "Fireball" x4, "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" x1, "Ice Storm" x1, "Contagion" x1, "Cloudkill" x1, "Animate Dead" x1;

RANGER 11th: "Cure Light Wounds" x1;

THIEF-BOUNTY_HUNTER 11th "Set Snare" x3, "Set Special Snare" x3, "Arrows +2";

MAGE/THIEF 10th/4th: "Magic Missile" x1, "Melf's Acid Arrow" x3, "Flame Arrow" x1, "Stoneskin" x1, "Cloudkill" x2;

FIGHTER/CLERIC 12th/7th: "Remove Fear" x1, "Draw Upon Holy Might" x1, "Flame Strike" x1, "Aerial Servant" x1, "Bullets +2";

FIGHTER/DRUID 8th/10th: "Bless" x1, "Cure Light Wounds" x3, "Cure Medium Wounds" x1, "Protection From Fire" x1, "Cure Serious Wounds" x1;


TorGal - Looks like a normal troll .

Survivability: - Hight (Very Hight with his followers protection)

Damage: - Hight.

Special Abilities: - Pretty good self-regeneration. Fast. Good close-range damage. Causing fear to neighbourhoods. Immunity to the normal weapons.

Danger: - Average.

Tactics: - The good target for "Contagion", "Slow", and so on. Weaknesses against an Acid and Fire plane attacks.


You need a lot of damage for this fight, so be prepared.

Maybe TorgGal looks like a casual troll, but do not be foolish, this a dangerous enemy. With protection provided by his gang and his own regeneration TorgGal is almost immortal (at least it was for me on 11th lvl) , but the narrows door hole and tall enemies can make your victory.

The tactics was simple - bait TorgGal and his band on the avatar then make "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" at someone, and then use AoE over foolish heads of the enemies! But this is not so easy like it feels...

So you need prepare the summons/undeads or your most heavy armoured characters (beware, Yuan-Ti can drop off your armour during the fight, and can never put it again before the fight is ended), then place your "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" target in the door hole (right in the middle of it ... ) and now engage the bad guys. If all is going right, you will obtain something like that.




Use AoE until all enemies will be dead (of course TorgGal will not ) , try to catch Yuan-Ti Mages in AoE, because if someone of them will stand until the "sphere is off" you will obtain the frikin' army of undeads...!

If all is going right , TorgGal is alone now and you can use all your might and magic right on him (also engage he with the summons)




This was a second good fight in this game that I saw.

//The End\\


This is time to investigate what a secrets with this Golems on the second floor, and to explore the secret area (the entrance there can be found in North-East side of the second floor de'Arnise Hold. ), that is the area im the centre of second floor. There you we may found charmed dude - bodyguard of Hold's owner, "Contagion" + "Dispel Magic" and he is free, and I hope he will find the doctor to cure contagion... So the golems , 2x Stone Golem and 1x Iron Golem,2x Flesh Golem, 1x Clay Golem and the party without any range ammunition or magical crushing damage either as any protection from crushing damage . Not good enough .

So prepare the characters and take the item from a monuments.


Iron Golem - Looks like a huge iron man .

Survivability: - Hight

Damage: - Very Hight (In the close combat).

Special Abilities: - Unpenetrable by any magic. The hell good armour against slashing and piercing damage. Short duration Acid Cloud. Fast.

Danger: - Average.

Tactics: - Try to trap it in the narrow passage, and hit hit from a far. Be ready with an antidotes and a poison's cure things.




OMG.. 1-2 damage with Azuredge +3 and 21 STR on RANGER.... When you killed Iron one, the other golems will be no match.


Clay Golem - A Gray tall golem .

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Hight (In the close combat).

Special Abilities: - Unpenetrable by any magic. Immune to slashing and piercing damage. Fast like hell. Causing Slow. Some curses.

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - Kill it with crushing damage and well armoured characters.


Flash Golem - A Gray tall golem .

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Hight (In the close combat).

Special Abilities: - Unpenetrable by any magic. Good armour to crushing damage. Fast. Causing mass Slow. Some curses.

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - Kill it with well armoured characters.


Flash Golem - A Gray tall golem .

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Hight (In the close combat).

Special Abilities: - Unpenetrable by any magic. Good armour to slashing and piercing damage.

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - Kill it with well armoured characters.


Not so bad I thought that will be a much harder. So where the hell is that Flail (Cold, and Fire pieces I have...) ?? Damn with it.


So for now Nalia is in safe and she is in peace because of his family is revenged. I can release she from this dangerous journey to rescue of Imoen and to kick some a bold stupid head. But she is good, and capable in the battles, indeed... But I decided to kept Nalia for a while, maybe she will be in safe fro some time, at least before I will found good place for her and a good replacement .


After checking this fortress again, I realized that no it is belong to so-called Roenal Family, I decided to release Nalia, because travelling to the Hill is hell dangerous, I think, and anyway I left her some good items that will be good if she needs money. Mybe I will recruit she later, if will be some quest with this "Roenals" .







Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies:


There a little town , but it looks cool. Omgf... For now we need to return to help Anomen, into Government District. Raargh!


And the party, after long journey is again in this beautiful place,the BG2:EE's game-painters and modellers is good. Minsc mentioned about Hill's village, damn! This quest with limited time, I hate it! So I need ot back in Government District and pick up that crazy dwarf, whauahahha - this is my special present for that bold Jonny Irenicus, a beardly crazy dwarf with a huge crossbow - the perfect companion for hunting an evil mad Jonny ^_^ . So to the Government District.


The party started an exploration of Trademeet only when Mazzy's quest appears. If you turn left from the Main Gates you can found a Philosophers and Huntley with his boss . . . Minsc do no like when someone harm innocents, me too, so "Chromatic Orb" after 12th lvl of the caster, is a VERY deadly spell... And NO COWLEDS at the scene! That is good ^_^. The Merchant near can told some useful information about the problems of a Trademeet folks. Right North you can found Roddy. In the town center you can found Rasaad himself! The same Rasaad that brother of avatar tried to save his brother Gamaz in the bg1. I hope developers did not something nasty to Rasaad in the bg2, like they did it for another characters. . . And yeah, Neeber is looks a very same as Noober from bg1 . . . So I decided to sent rest Yoshimo for a while, and welcome aboard Rasaad. So the Mazzy's sister inside a Fentan House, and this Neeber is more annoying then a beholders nest itself!!! But he sometimes can give you a Bullets +2 x5, nice. South-West of the town you can fond Kveroslava for 10 gold she can provide some useful information near a Tent of Pleasures, there Wilfred the Red with his stories...


So the party has been spent some time in the Vyantri's Pub and then Mayor House is awaits. So there is a Cernd, he is looks a capable one, but I am can not join him to the party for now, I need to solve the Jaheira's problems first... So, where we had been stopped , ah yeah - Bloodscalp's quest in the Docks District.


After a long pause the party has come to take a Cernd for completing of a Jensen's quest. Cernd is a servant of a balance, and will have no hesitates when the balance is need him - PERFECT! What may be a more unbalanced then a blazing an overpowered evil mad bold wizard - Jonny Irenicus?! Omfg.. ^_^. So the the Government District.


So after resolving that 'druid problems' and simultaneously the party has done some bounty-hunter's work for a dao-djines. So what next??? I do not know... I try to release Jaheira, though that her quest is done, but no way... But anyway the party solved some quests and now the way is leads to the that stupid town with district again.. - To the Copper Coronet for the illthium stuff.


After the solving a lot amount of quest, finally the party goes to the Mayor's House for the reward. But soon after the another tasks that need for an immediately resolving appeared. So the 'old fried from Docks District'! I must take end to that evil! To the Wild Forest.

Damn! I though that the murderer lay not in the Trademeet... But I was wrong so after the Wild Forest and Hidden Refuge I have found the weird one NPC near the South-West gate. Yeah , "Detect Evil" and "Know Alignment" was a very useful in this quest. So the victim is saved.




Athkatla. Government District



Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies: lot of.


An Atmospheric grey coloured place. When the party arrived Yoshimo remaindered about his problem.... Anomen last name is Derlyn so you need to find Derlyn's Estate. This is was not so easy but Anomen is convinced to stay on the way of law and justice, but not the revenge and bloody vendetta. For now it is time to do other things. Also Jan (the dwarf with crossbow, it is right that I need for in the party!) can be found in middle square but for now I have no place for him in the party. The party also have been asked to find someone called Valygar. And never buy anything in the Temple of Waukeen, the price is insane.. :-( . When the party was because of quest De'Lyl in this area, I also have found Viconia - that is the character from BG1:EE, so the party saved her and she said "I will be waiting in the Graveyard." . For now the way leads in the Slums.


When I have back again, in the night to this place, three Amn Soldiers mentioned about some hostile action at the night. So I have saved Jan from being imprisioned, also I have good doodbyes with Nalia, really I hope she will no get in any troubles, but my party is looking for a troubles... And right after this sentimentally moment, someone called himself Sansuke arrived. . . This is somekind of bug, or something, because I killed the Vampire and Sansuke is just standing still... :-(


I found a vampire called himself Del right South of Sansuki position. "Azuredge +3" and the end of story. Omg.. Sunsuki was from Shadow Thieves :-/ , ahh, anyway he is a just a NPC that need help. Jan can detect illusions! An amazing, this ability will be a very useful I think.

So after some refresh items in the Copper Coronet, the party is ready to respond for Minsc's attempt to help the Delon. - To The Umar Hills!




Umar Hills



Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies: Small numbers of a different kinds of.


An Atmospheric little village. You can hear some howl at nights. Inside the tavern you can buy some potions, I bought all. The tavern keeper mentioned about 'lace of garlic' and 'Umar' Ahh, maybe it a Vampires ;-/ Where is the my "Restoration" and "Protection From Energy Drain" . . . I have thoughts that it will works more times better then a garlic. ;-) . So the Mayor of this village explained situation and described some directions to go. Very good. Three herders and the three different stories about what the haps' there, hmm. I need a Rashaad, he is very smart in thees cases from BG1:EE. Really I need to find my 'final party' before I will go to hunt this wolves, an ogres, and Umar, because this is looks like a long and dangerous journey... Not a very kind NPC Jeb told interesting story for an addition of 30 gold pieces. And for 100 gold I have obtain something valuable. Not so bad. Also the party have bought some swords to the youngsters NPC. I feel that was a VERY bad idea ;-/ ...


Never-less it good thing to explore this location first, at least for little bit . So the North-East. There Madulf and his followers can be found , truly they does not looks like a stealth murders. Maybe this is their size or a smell... I do not know. It good thing to agreed to help to this peaceseekers. Peace is very goo thing sometime, for no South-West side is awaits! . Pretty scaring place , this abandoned cabin. Umar Cave - the party have a baaad feelings about it...

Umber Hulks not a serious enemy. And the strange chest with some skeletons near, maybe it is the same 'mimic' as mentioned by village' cowled wizard? Killer Mimic is a harmless foe. So there nobody at the house, I am glad that I have not found this 'Umar' right there. ;-). So I thing it the time to go into the Temple Ruins


Completing the quest after party has came back from Temple Ruins.


You can see Valygar's Cabin (the same Valygar that Cowled ones looking for), and right West will be Derrick, good that the fight can bee avoided.

So is good thing that have a good ends, Jermien has been saved, and lover is together - me happy ^_^. Omg.. I realized that I forgot to speak with Merrela .. Stupid fight with Harpers! Suddenly she died, after I returned and spoke with her. ;-( . Madulf rewarded the party with a great shield for peacemakers work, good.

For now the party's way lead to the Anthakla Temple District (because I need to find the sword for Pai'Na and rescue the workers. ) Before it I managed to explore thus "Umar Cave" again, at night (and checked Valygar's Cabin too), in the cave can be found 3 children, I rescued them from a Shadow.



Link to post

Temple Ruins (-The Hard Battle(s)--The Pictures inside a spoiler-)



Location Difficulty: Low

Harmless Enemies: Shade Wolves, Shadows, Shadow Fiends, Skeleton Warriors, the Many Kinds of an animals


The dark forest, the deserted grounds, not a city park, indeed. The previous location was a much friendly . The party starts to clean this location from South to North. In the North-East part of the map you can found a BUNCH of enemies, + AoE spells in addition to the bravery of comrades = the end of story, also there Dungeon Entrance, but thought it is a bad idea to go there (I have remember Ulcaster's Skool from BG1:EE...). The Wolf Cave - North West of the location. I am not like this Shadow Lord too, but slaughtering an innocents this are not a way... So the Dungeon Entracne, this Mazzy was a smart one, polished device can help against some shadows.


The Dungeon looks like a stone made dungeon that is full of undeads. If you will turn to the North, right after an entrance, you can found there Mazzy good fighter, she is motivated, she is skilled, and she hates all kinds of the evil - perfect companion for rescuing Imoen and hunting down stupid Jonny. It is was a hard decision, who is of the party will be replaced by Mazzy, first I thought that will be Minsc, but Minsc just staying where I lefts him. And really I can no release him, because of his little bit 'weird' habits, I have doubts that Minsc can handle alone without his Dehaneir. Second choice was Jaheira, but she is said that "if you release me , I will have no place to go and will never return" ;-( . So Anomen has been choose. Near Mazzy's cell , in the another cell can be found Journal of someone. Right besides it the column that can speak, can be found. In the column surrounded by trees pictures on the floor (as mentioned in the Journal) you can found some ritual notes. The problems begins near the little rectangle pool with something hot inside. Because right before this pool are a little room and in this little room the party of undeads folks. lIke Greater Mummy , Lich, Skeleton Warriors .


Greater Mummy - Looks like a tall grey dud with a destructed wears.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Hight.

Special Abilities: - Lots of immunities < +3 weapon. Annoying spell arsenal that includes powerful debuffs. Can take souls = instant kill of a target.

Danger: - Low.

Tactics: - This mummies is slow, a very slow so use on them "Azuredge +3" or something like that. Also "Summon Fire Elemental" that is a very strong versus almost all kind of undeads.


Lich - Undead dude in a weird costume.

Survivability: - Average (Hight if protected by fighters)

Damage: - Hight.

Special Abilities: - Lots of immunities < +3 weapon. Annoying spell arsenal that includes powerful debuffs. Lots of a self-protection magic. Paralize in close combat. Can duplicate himself

Danger: - Average.

Tactics: - Hide from Lich until his self-protection is off (especially against Magical Weapons). Then make "Protection From Fire", "Death Ward", and kill him with "Azuredge +3" or something like that.


Little bit Southern of this lava pool you can found some ghosts, and I hope you obtained the bones from the Northern room... After little stone bridge, another pack of undeads leading by Lich is awaits ;-/ As for me I made ambush on the stone bridge, but fortunately some mummies died on the trap with letters :-) . Riddle is simple, you can read the name of god in your journal - AMAUATOR.

For now we have 3 parts of the rituals. I tried to manually solve the questions of a stupid statute , but that piece of rock stroke upon with fire, reloading...

So now we need to take the English vocabulary and use our deduction.


Morning Ritual



{The first part of the ritual is smudged out. . . }


2) Hold the Holy Tome up to the Sun, and my Power shall bless it.


3) Reflect as thou perceive the victory of Light over the Dark.


Noon Ritual



1) Let the voices sound the glorious songs of thy Lord.


{The second part of the ritual has been inked out by the blackest of inks. . .}


3) Rejoice on the Glory of the Light as it reigns over the Dark.


Evening Ritual



1) Recite the Tenets of the Faith. They shall give you strength until I come again.


2) Hold high your children that they may longer see the Sun before it slips beyond this realm. The Sun shall give them courage against the fears of the Night.


{The third part of the ritual has been torn away . . .}


QUESTION - 1 "It is Dawn, O Seeker of Light. What is thy first duty?":


1) "I shall sing a hymn of the Sun Lord." - X, because it is the first part of the Noon Ritual.

2) "I shall say a prayer to the Light." - V.

3) "I shall recite the Tenets of the Faith." - X, because it is the first part of the Evening Ritual.


QUESTION - 2 "What shall you do second in the Ritual?":


1) "I shall hold high my children that they may see the Sun." - X

2) "I shall rise my hands to the Light." - X.

3) "I shall hold high the Holy Book that the Sun might bless it." - V, because it is the second part of the Morning (Dawn) Ritual.


QUESTION - 3 "How shall the Ritual end?":


1) "I shall reflect the glory of the Light as it conquers the Dark." - V, because it is the end of the Morning Ritual.

2) "I shall rejoice at the dominance of Light." - X

3) "I shall mourn and weep as the Sun gives way to the Darkness." - X


And then we must solve a next stupid cultists test... I hate cults.


QUESTION - 1 "The Sun is high. Noon is upon us. How shall thee honor the Lord?":


1) "I shall lift my voice in joyful prayer." - X

2) "I shall recite the Tenets of the Faith." - X

3) "I shall sing a hymn to praise of Amaunator." - V, because it is the beginning of the Noon Ritual.


QUESTION - 2 "How shall you next welcome the zenith of the Sun?":


1) "I shall rise my hands to the Light." - V

2) "I shall hold up my children that they might see the Sun." - X, because it is the second part of the Evening Ritual.

3) "I shall lift the Holy Book that the Sun may bless it." - X, because it is the second part of the Morning Ritual.


QUESTION - 3 "How shall the Noontide Ritual end?":


1) "I shall rejoice at the dominance of Light." - V, because it is the end of the Non Ritual

2) "I shall mourn and weep as the Sun passes and Dark again prevails." - X

3) "I shall reflect on the Glory of the Sun as it conquers the Dark." - X


Omfg... That folks just did not have a flash lights.. and Made the cult of a Star that I need to solve it is riddles. Next test.


QUESTION - 1 "It is the dusk, as the Darknkess moves in, the Evening Ritual must be said to ward off evil. What is the first step?":


1) "I will recite the Tenets of the Faith." - V, because it is the beginning of the Evening Ritual

2) "I will say the prayer to the Sun." - X

3) "I will sing a hymn to the Lord." - X


QUESTION - 2 "The shadows grow longer. What must be done second?":


1) "I will rise my hands to the Light." - X

2) "I will hold the Holy Tome up to the Sun that it might be blessed." - X

3) "I will hold high my children that they might see the Sun." - V, because it is the second part of the Evening Ritual


QUESTION - 3 "How shall the Evening Ritual end?":


1) "I shall reflect on the Glory of Light as it reigns over Darkness." - X, because it is the end of the Morning Ritual

2) "I shall mourn as I watch the Sun give way to the onslaught of night." - V

3) "I shall rejoice as Light conquers Darkness." - X, because it is the end of the Noon Ritual


After this I tried to destroy the statue of the nonsense cult but with no success. So now the time to open an East Shadow Door.


This Frikin' Dragon! As for me I decided (for now) to avoid this stupid giant lizard, and finish this madness with a Shadow Lord first, because it is a main problem. And really this dragon is a hell tough...

Dragon will be conquered by the pressing pause key before teleporting from a Shadow Lord and then running backwards by whole party, if you want you can first fight the dragon.


Shadow Lord - Looks like a transparent Lich.

Survivability: - Average (Hight if protected by fighters)

Damage: - Very High.

Special Abilities: - Lots of immunities < +3 weapon. Annoying spell arsenal that includes powerful debuffs. Lots of a self-protection magic. Mass Energy Drain. Have spells that can kill any of characters by instant and the turn them into shadows. Protected by a some kind of a spell mirror that reflects spells back to the caster.. Temporary protection against all kind of damage.

Danger: - High.

Tactics: - "Death Ward", "Protection From Negative Plains", "Azuredge +3" or something like that. Can be perfect target for a "Contagion" ^_^ . "Spell Thrust", "Remove Magic", "Secret Word" and so on, to be short any of an anti-magic stuff will be useful.


The tactics is simple come into the Shadow Lord's cellar hit the Shadow Altar with a magical ranged weapons ("Acid Fog" is a very useful against summoned by the portal shadows), and then fast come out there, wait until Energy Drain's time is off, little bit regeneration, and repeat it until Altar is dead.

After the altar is dead you will see something like this




Then party must rest, and with the same tactics eliminate weak Shadows, and then focus Shadow Patrick that will left the Shadow Lord alone. Funny situation will be when you tries to cast the spells direct into Shadow Lord, it will bring yours spells back... (as for me that was a "Otilike's Resilient Sphere" ;-(, reloading...) .

Lot of heal, lot of reloads, lot of magic of all kinds, lot of bravery of the fighters and Shadow Lord has been defeated.




That was a good enemy.


But suddenly , the party will be teleported instantly into the surface ;-*(. But there a dragon is left! And then the party has been attacked by this stupid Harpers! OMFG.. without any saves, without clear spell panels after the battle against Shadow Lord, raaaaaagh! That is what I want to say ;-P Ant simultaneously the party FIGHTER making the inscription against her fallen comrades - but very soon all of the party will fall because of this Harpers... this is a true insanity . Reloading... Full prebuff. And I remembered about stupid dragon! So hell with this harpers for now, I want to participate an epic battle vs a really good foe! (before the party has been teleported you can manage to escape in the dragon lair again.)



The battle against the Shadow Dragon.

The Enemies: Thaxll'ssillyia

The Party and Used Items, a Spells, an Abilities:

MAGE: DIVINER 12th: "Luck" x1, "Deafness" x1, "Resist Fear" x1, "Fireball" x2, "Lightning Bolt" x1, "Contagion" x1, "Greater Malison" x2, "Cloudkill" x6, "Pierce Magic" x2, "Wand of Lightning" x3, "Skull Trap" x1 (scroll) ;

RANGER 12th: "Cure Light Wounds" x1;

THIEF: BOUNTY-HUNTER 12th "Set Snare" x3, "Set Special Snare" x3;

FIGHTER/DRUID 9th/11th: "Cure Light Wounds" x4, "Cure Medium Wounds" x1, "Protection From Fire" x1, "Negative Plane Protection" x1, "Death Ward" x1, "Chaotic Commands" x1, "Magic Resistance" x1, "Harm" x1 (113 dmg). "Potion of Heroism" x1;

ILLUSIONIST/THIEF 9th/11th: "Greater Malison" x1, "Chaos" x1, "Potion of Extra Healing" x1;

FIGHTER 12th: none ;


Thaxll'ssillyia - Looks like a huge dark-blue-green lizard that can speak, usually it speaks sometin' like a "I will kill you all..." .

Survivability: - Amazing!

Damage: - Very High (Extreme in the close combat).

Special Abilities: - He (or she) is so huge that takes a half of the screen, and that is a very annoying thing. Fast. Can play in soccer with a little characters, usually using them like a balls... The Lots of immunities. Can split "Remove Magic", also have a very powerful range AoE attack that drains levels, blinds and do other nasty things. A Good protection against many kind of attack. Can see an invisible things. Deadly in a close combat. Some of a self-protection spell arsenal. Aura of Fear.

Danger: - Extreme.

Tactics: - "Death Ward", "Protection From Negative Plains" or something like that. Also it is a good target for "Death Fog", "Cloudkill", "Pierce Magic" and so on.


This battle was a good one. The many reloads, a many hard words against my characters and the stupid dragon.

So for first we need a good position, this position can provide the huge columns. The dragon can not see trough this columns and obviously it can not attack through a column.




Then the "bait" with "Chaotic Commands", "Magic Resistance", "Death Ward", "Negative Plane Protection" must say "Hello!" take the dragon with "Pierce Magic" or something similar and take it to the upper column, and the character must fast hide beside of column. If the dragon approaching from a left side of column - run to the right side, and so on.


26e1e06.jpg 441b876.jpg


Now you can use some "Greater Malison", "Pierce Magic", "Chaos", and other debuff arsenal that you have. "Contagion" - permanent slow is a super useful thing, "Deafness" - permanent spell miscasting is super useful too.

From the hideout you can use some AoE spells, for my case that was a "Cloudkill" x6, be-careful because a stupid dragon can fast approach under invisibility from the left or a right side and then starts quick throwing of a deadly spells/an annoying debuffs.




If you have a druid/cleric you can sneak with him to the dragon by hiding beside the little columns simultaneously you need to pay attention of a dragon by some one... After the "Harm" is done, very fast run way.




Then you need to do some damage with AoE offensive magic like a fireballs, this is a good aiming point for it.

After all of this the dragon was still stand so I used a direct attacking spells like a "Lightning Bolts" and "Wand of Lightning" that was a very dangerous and hard...




So the bravery of a characters multiplied by a good tactics in additional of the bucket of Luck and a very dangerous and a very evil foe is falls upon.



//The End\\


For now the party is need to rest, and change the spell arsenal to conquer the Harper's bounty-hunters.


So what about the Harpers group that lead by Jaheira friend. As for me I tried to avoid the fight with all power that I handle but suddenly I was failed ;-( .

Harpers was good. really good, their fighters are strong and have a lot of healing potions, their mages have a good AoE, their shooters have a fire arrows, their priests can kill my avatar with a single AoE. But really, after the Dragon and a Shadow Lord, they was no more of a causal bandit's party strong.

tactic was simple - run from their meele combatants, hight from their spells, and use lot of offensive magic and summons in additional to heavy range/meele damage by fighters. The location near altar was a perfect for that kind of tactics. Also a good luck that their mage mislead herself in the trees... And do not approach too close for their mage her will wipe you party out with "Sunflare". the end.


After some time spent for a searching of an exit from a trees trap near the alter, the party can see a some kind of a mini Stonehage ... Ah yes, we are actually in the same location - Temple Ruins, but with little bit changed apprentice. After this location has been explored again, the way of the party leads to Umar Hills.


After the party has obtained a quest to find Gorje Hilldark , we are come back to this stupid dead good ruined temple again. Gorje was in the South-West part of the dungeon near a blocked with a shadow door way.




Athkatla. Bridge District (-The Hard Battle(s)--The Pictures inside a spoiler-)



Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies:The lot of .


The buildings over a wide grey bridge. In the fish-store you can find some traps inside the house, but as for me , my party os not a bunch of thieves so the party take nothing from the store. Inside the warehouse, South-East part of the bridge you can found some group of killers: Valeria, Falahar, Pitre, Dracandros, try to bait them on someone and make the fight outside the house. Bad, that I can no use the magic inside Anthkatla... In the Tavern you can find basement with little scene and the another quest. In the tavern you can obtain the useful information about the Cowled ones and Thieves War. In the South-West part of the town you can found the house... with locked doors, the first door from the ocean is leads to the strange place, When I said that I have misstake and the party will leave this place now, someone called himself Shangalar said: "This is the end for you now!", a stupid unmannered moron NPC!

BEWARE there will be a fight with a good foes in !the closed space! I think I shall leave this stupid moron for now.. Or I will not...



The battle against Shangalar the capturer

The Enemies: Shangalar, Vaxxal, Layene, Revanek, Shyressa

The Party and Used Items, a Spells, an Abilities:

MAGE: DIVINER 12th: "Magic Missile" x2, "Chromatic Orb" x1, "Resist Fear" x1, "Fireball" x1, "Cone of Cold" x1, "Animate Dead" x1, "Death Fog" x1;

RANGER 12th: "Cure Light Wounds" x1, "Armor of Faith", "Barskin";

THIEF: BOUNTY-HUNTER 13th "Darts +5", "Arrows";

FIGHTER/DRUID 9th/12th: "Mass Cure" x4, "Magic Resistance" x1, "Bullets +2", "Bullets";

ILLUSIONIST/THIEF 10th/11th: "Chromatic Orb" x1, "Magic Missile" x1, "Blindness" x1, "Blur" x1, "Mirror Image" x1, "Invisibility, 10' Radius" x1, "Greater Malison" x1, "Chaos" x2, "Flasher Master Bruiser Mates", "Bolts +2", "Bolts", "Potion of Healing" x1;

FIGHTER 13th: "Arrows" x1;


Shangalar - The apprentice of this dude is like a casual Lich, but do not be foolish, this is a very dangerous one. Also it is like to say "The end for you now..." .

Survivability: - Low (Very High if protected by his followers)

Damage: - Very High.

Special Abilities: - A Very dangerous spell arsenal that include powerful defensive and offensive magic. The Standard undead immunities. Can summon a deadly creatures that can see invisible things.

Danger: - High

Tactics: - Under invisibility bait off first level of it's contingencies, anti-invisible magic, and then attack with "Azuredge +3" and pray that it will kill this thing with first hit, because Shangalar do not give you a second chance.


Revanek - Looks like a casual well armoured mortal, hell no idea what he is doing there surrounded by horrible and powerful monsters and killers .

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Oil of Speed. Range attack with lightning bolts for crossbow. A Very good damage in the close combat

Danger: - Low (High if protected by Vaxall)

Tactics: - Under invisibility try to bait his "Oil of Speed", then wait a 1 game hour, and them bait him to the ambush, also usinf of "Jan Jensen's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates" works perfect on him .


Vaxall - Omg. An Eyeballs! And a mouth full of sharp teeth . Yuff! .

Survivability: - High

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - That piece of an eyeball is a hell tough. An Infinity self-protection magic spell arsenal. Can kill anybody with one hit (Save vs Death need to be done). Have an offensive high damaging spell arsenal (Magic missile and so on). Can push out any creature. Lot of annoying spells. A VERY good attack speed and good damage. Can teleport itself wherever it wants.

Danger: - High

Tactics: - "Greater Malison" + "Something nasty" + "Death Fog" and so on.


Sheressa - An Enhanced female Vampire.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - A Very fast. A Hard regeneration from dealed damage .Can summon Dire Wolves. Hidden ability - some kind of an unbreakable invisibility . An Annoying spell arsenal that includes the lot of charms. Can Shapeshift into very fast wolf.

Danger: - Average (If protected by followers - High)

Tactics: - "Azuredge +3" the end of story.


Layene - Another casual mortal from this mad group - the female magician with a cool looks staff.

Survivability: - Low (Hight when prebuffed)

Damage: - Very High (especially by summons).

Special Abilities: - Amazing spell arsenal that includes a very powerful summoned creatures.

Danger: - Low (If protected by followers - very High)

Tactics: - Indirect offensive, chaotic magic after baiting of her contingencies and protections by invisible character.


First you need to bait their skills by using your Invisibility (proper spell or potions), by taking proper range. For did so you need




Place your avatar near that stone ball, all other can be in the hideout upstairs. Then by your avatar starts to closing up with Layene,




when you will see that she attempts to cast something, fast run back to the ball and stay there until all of her spell's durations will off. Same trick can be performed with Shangalar,




if they starts to cast Anti-Invisibility magic, hide your characters instead somewhere that they can not see you, and you invisibility will not to be destroyed. BEWARE some summoned creatures can see invisibility things , especially Pit Creatures.


Then you need to use "Azuredge +3" on Shangalar - one hit = one dead, at least dead again. Good work Minsc! That is what I want to say.

So when the main bad guy is out of the way, you must focus other morons. Especially that frikin' scary Vaxall that is a very hard to kill piece of an eyeball! .

So the next on is a Revanek, this "Jan Jensen's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates" is a very dangerous, one of that things stunned Revanek, and then he will get a rain of an arrows, a bullets and a bombs from a FIGHTER, RANGER, FRIGHTER/DRUID, BOUNTY-HUNTER and ILLUSIONIST/THIEF of course.




So it is time to deal with Vaxall , this thing is a more scaring and a more dangerous then the others in this cursed place all together... You need "Greater Malison" then somethin' nasty like a "Chaos" and then "Death Fog". all of this spells must be placed indirect because if the monster will see 'ya the party will be dead very soon...


Sheressa and Layene will be not a problem without their monster protectons.

So the bad guys is dead, someone is even dead again, and need to get out from this cursed place that the party unfortunately captured.


Hooorey! At least the party is free!



//The End\\

Little bit West of that cursed door you can found another door and inside the house you can explore the basement the sarcophagus there, after disturbing of this piece of stone, someone called Elemental Lich will appear. I am hell no idea who is this "Kagnaxx", and I barely care, but that stupid bunch of bones attacked the party! So - retreating upstairs, then counter attack, Jan's anti-invisible monocular + Minsc's Azuredge, the end.

So damn blaze with this houses.

After the party end conversation with boy called Faraji, another pack of a Vampires appears leads by Tanova.. Azuredge +3, some protective magic, "Berserk" against charms and nothing more. Neera - the smae Neera from BG1:EE that do not like the Red Wizards, and I do not like them too. The party attacked by Muggers - nothin' special, lot of Healing Potions and do no stand still by low hp characters.

Rampah - the beggar right North of the Saerk's Estate told some useful information about the murders. After little bit of fight the murderer has been found. But also a new riddles have been found too...

Right North after murderer's house, near the water the party have found Qudeel and the conflict with ogres.. This Qudeel is not a nice one but killing for just shouting this is a too much for me, so I decided to protect Qudeel. Mrs. Cragmoon that is standing near Derelict House - South-West area, can sold some a very good potions, as for me I bought many of it.

In the North-East area, near the water, Stevan the Hunter can be found , actually this is a mad one NPC.


So the location is a mainly explored. Right After the party leave Bridge District, Neera the Wild Mage appears, so that is good to see that she is in well condition. Before The party will step forward , into the resolving problems inside the Temple District, I decided to replace Yoshimo on Anomen, because I thought that his quest is not done. And I was right!


After the exploration of the Graveyard District the party have a quest that leads them to this district. At night, when the party has arrived, in the center of district another fight with a Vampires and a Shadow Thieves take a place, leader of thieves was Arkanis Gath. So, as for me I do not like a Vampires... So R.I.P bloodsuckers. So where the hell is that 'man in the red' ??? O_o After some long time passed the party have found that blasted 'man in the red' at South-East parth of the bridge , near a house with "Shangalar's Trap" - Am-Si he was. So the hostage has been rescued and the bad guys has been punished, but the party have some 'ransom note' and there mentioned about the Copper Coronet, so to the Copper Coronet. So I have found no one in the front of Copper Coronet after the night has fall upon... Anyway, the party is so hardly damaged that without rest just can not to move further. After the rest, party went to the Tavern, for the Raelis Shai's quest.

Things going nasty so fast... But, sometimes is a very useful to put in you low hp character into a 'box' with a party members, that because invisible backstabbers cannot reach him. This works very well in the situations when you can not run/have no protection from an invisible backstabbers or cannot disable them.




I have sorrow about this slaves, and can not heal them from that curse because I do not why, but no one of my party have "Remove Curse" spell... Strange, I remembered that in bg1 I have this spell!! Anyway I will try to disable that Slave Master, I hate slavery... So I went East for first, but shortly realized that this is a wrong way that full of thrall, so I reloaded, then turned North (beware North this is a wrong way, with many victims and there ridicoluos trap that will not geve you chance to turn back... as I realized after) , and there I have found Prison Captain - it seems a right way. That was a fun fight... Like always "Bless", "Luck", "Chaos", lot of heal etc. And Minotaur is a perfect target for a "Disintegrate", "Flesh to Stone". In the end of battle, an evil magician almost killed my avatar (7 hp left), but then stupid AI not finish him and just make him unconscious, lol...


So obviously, you need just prepare some spells, a prebuff and you will easily defeat that bastards! "Lightning Bolt" x20 will be a super useful... Also you can use that 'breathing portals' to hide the party or counter attack, but beware do not make mad too many enemies or you will be overwhelmed very fast. DAMN! Need to reload previous save, because of frikin` wrong way.............


So I turned East. The party feel a heavy resistance, Thralls, Warriors, Knight, Yuan-Tis an amazing... and lot of mages. All of this enemies is not something great, but their numbers are not a casual.

And beware, this fight will be with a surprise, the surprise is much more weak then in bg1 , but can do something nasty too..

Suddenly that I can not save Thralls...


My tactics was a simple - bait them on SUN SOUL MONK , and then make an ambush. First run by monk was successful and I bait on Knight, Warriors (from a breathing portal) Thralls. In the Merkath's hideout you saw how powerful can be Yuan-Ti mages, protected by warriors, and now we have no narrow passage to block it with a 'Otiluke's Sphere' , that is bad.

4x Yuan-Ti Mages = 4x Chaos per round + Sword + Remove Magic, + lot of damage from Minute Meteor +5 - that is a hell annoying. Of course they protected by lot of defensive spells, so it is just impossible to try penetrate that protection with a anti-magic spells.


My answer was: scouting, an indirect magic, cleaning are from Thralls first, lot of the protective magic, "Skull Trap" x2, "Death" x1, "Greater Malison" x2, "Chaos" x2, "Confusion" x1, "Web Suck" (wand) x1, "Death Fog" x1, "Cloudkill" x2, lot of the other spells, LOT OF RANGER DAMAGE by chars, lot of luck, and lot of reloads...


Master of Thralls - The demonic enslaver with in a bad mood.

Survivability: - Average (Hight when prebuffed)

Damage: - High .

Special Abilities: - Can summon 2 Air Elementals... Can teleport himself. Can drain HP in close combat (lot of damage and a self heal..). Can split fire. Can paralize anyone. High magic resistance. Very fast attack speed. Normal weapon immunity.

Danger: - Average

Tactics: - "Pierce Magic" + "Contagion" + missiles +2.


The slaver is gone.. Good. So Warden will have an enemies a 2 magicians and one priest - good, good. BEWARE if you kill Warden, the fleshly teleports will be unreachable.


Warden - Looks like a tall armored figure that equipped with a two-handed sword, with a horn on the head.

Survivability: - High

Damage: - Very High .

Special Abilities: - Can summon a very powerful creatures like a Fallen Planaar... Have a Good protection magic. Can teleport anyone into another plane - "Maze". A very fast. High damage in the close combat .

Danger: - High (A Vary High when protected by his minions)

Tactics: - "Pierce Magic" + "Greater Malison" x2 + "Chaos" + "Spell Thrust" + "Secret Word" + "Contagion" + Hell lot of luck. Also He is a perfect target for "Skull Trap". Do not move your characters to close to Warden, they will die with a single AoE blow... And beware of 'Maze' this is temporaty disable any characters, and when the char will appear again, a very likely he/she will be attacked by group of an enemies..


So there a hard battle. As for me the party attacked from East, and preapared an ambush over the small bridge with a fleshly teleports, first I released Thralls, then almost simultaneously I started the conversation with a Warden and used ("Greater Malison" + "Chaos") x2 + "Cloudkill" x2, "Death Fog" x1 it was suddenly that a many Yuan-Ti magicians performed a saving throws, and then they used same combination on the my party .... So a GOOD advices how to save you chars under Chaos, -


1) Split the characters over area.

2) Heal/Protect 'confused' against enemies.

3) Try to stand near confused chars with a most armored party members.

4) Beware, if char attacked summon the summon will attack that character...

5) Use hold and sleep spells like a "Sleep", "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere", and so on, especially it is an effective over chars that have a weak spell saving throws like a Druids or a Thieves

6) Pray that character will not go to the AoE or too close for a powerful enemies...

7) You can try to use "Dispel Magic", but this is sometime just an impossible...

8) You can also use "Chaotic Commands" protective magic, but obviously you can not protect them all.


As for me - I used almost all of this tricks, and good that an Undead skeleton was an immune to that kind of magic and this brewery skeleton give to me a time to focus and kill the foolish Yuan-Ti magicians. Suddenly he (or she) was die soon after two Yuan-Ti magicians focus him, but anyway the lot of a damage from FIGHTER (Mazzy) + my favourite "Disintegrate" + "Death" was a too much for a foolish Yuan-Ti folks.

The slavers are dead, Prison Captains imprisoned in the chambers, and me happy ^_^. But suddenly that in the fight my spells, yuan-ti and Warden killed almost all of Thralls.... Very sad, but at least they died like a free creatures... Haer'Dalis is funny one, but obviously that mad Jonny will eat this poet alive with a songs and laughing. . . So the better that Haer'Dalis will be on his own way, at least he is a capable one and can protect himself from a many dangers .

//The End\\


So it is time to sell some items, but right after the party run out this cursed tavern Beelo Jansen appears, anyway I know where is a Jansen's House - in the Slums




Druid Grove



Location Difficulty: Average (because of frikin' spirit trolls)

Harmless Enemies: Trolls, Baby Wyverns, Spiders (beware the lot group of spiders that includes our good friends from bg1 - the astral/phase spiders can be a quite annoying enemy..), Ettercaps, Myconids, "Grizzly Bears" .


The Beautiful place with some nature stuff. The Faldorn, the same Faldorn from bg1 ?? This is weird. I hate this Spirit Trolls!!! The hate is such powerful rrrrrraaaaaaagh ^_^ . Be ready for a not easy fights against that spirit dudes. The tactic is usual - locate the bastards with an invisible character, the use most powerful magic and AoE and the summons and fire weapon etc... In my case the combo : "Greater Malison" + "Web Sack" + "Death" was an incredible effective against the large groups of a trolls.


In the South-West you may found Entrance to Troll Mound -

an obviously this is a stinking hole that full of a blasted trolls... So be ready for a not an easy battle. "Greater Malison", "Death", "Wand of the Heavens", lot of damage...


Greater Earth Elemental - A huge grey-ground dude.

Survivability: - High

Damage: - High (close combat) .

Special Abilities: - Deadly in a close fight. An immune to the great amount of weakening spells. An immune to all weapons < +2

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - Target it with an offensive magic and +2 missile weapons. Fight this creature in the close combat will be a very bad idea...


Little bit Northern you may found a group that fighting a Trolls, I though I can help them but very soon after they attacked the party... That was a crazy fight but not so hard. Little bit further you will found the group of a Shadow Druids.


Shadow Druid - Looks like a human with staff, usually.

Survivability: - Low/Average

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Can turn himself into a very annoying creature like a Greater Warewolf and so on... Annoying spell arsenal that includes "Insect Plague"

Danger: - Low/Average

Tactics: - The main weakness of the druids is a LONG casting time, so if the druid is not protected by fighter just target him and neutralize. Druids have a weak Saving Throw vs Spell - so "Death" + "Greater Malison" will annihilate them.


"Insect Plague" + "Entangle" + "Web Sack" + "Confusion" works a very well but do not forgot to take AWAY the character that is a target for an enemy "Insect Plague" from yours party this is very easy because that insects a very slow.. In general, Shadow Druids is not so easy target, so be prepared.


Spore Colony - The tall red mushroom.

Survivability: - Low

Damage: - Low.

Special Abilities: - Constantly spawning Myconids. Can not move. Poisonous Cloud around.

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - Do not go inside that cursed cloud. This mushroom is a perfect target for "Death Fog".


So there is some kind of druid residence. Looks not so bad, but before I want to explore the world little bit around that buildings.. Right after the West bridge you may found Shumbling Mounds.


Shumbling Mound - The huge green dude that looks like a swamp itself...

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - Have some an immunities that includes < +2.

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - Hit it with a magical missiles (not the spell but an ammo).


Little bit further you will find a bunch of a crazy Grizzly Bears, sad that you need to kill them but they looks like a mad bears.. After the cleaning the area from mushrooms mounds and bears and the rest -


it is the time to go inside the Entrance to Adratha's Cortage:

This hous looks a something ruined, And I knew that will be a frikin' trap! Good that Jan can detect some illu' stuff.


Ihtafeer - Rakshasa - the tall bipedal cat.

Survivability: - High

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Rakhasa's immunity to spells, normal weapons < +2. Lot of the protective and the offensive magic magic.

Danger: - Average

Tactics: - Try to bait his spells with tactics in/fast_out from the house. Use +2 munition. Also the cannot see invisible thing so Invisibility 10 radius will be a good thing.


Jalaal - Rakshasa - the tall bipedal cat.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - Average.

Special Abilities: - Rakhasa's immunity to spells, normal weapons < +2. Lot of the charming magic.

Danger: - Average

Tactics: - Same as Ihtafeer.


Saadat - Rakshasa - the tall bipedal cat.

Survivability: - Hig

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Rakhasa's immunity to spells, normal weapons < +2. Lot of the charming magic.

Danger: - High

Tactics: - Omfg 3 rakshasas it is a too much... Saadat is hell anoying dude, you can try run and use anti magic spell, or something that will delete his illusions and protective magic, then attack the morn with a most armored dudes in meele with a ranger supports.


The battle will be straightforward but a hard... You can use expensive "Magic Protection" spells/scrolls or you will suffer with a lot of reloads like me. At least that cursed Rakshasas is gone and the party can leave that blasted place...

Near the stone bridge you can lay down through a narrow passage and you will found


The The Entrance to Ogre's Tower, obviously the name has providing not a good interior... But inside you will find a good scimitar and a cow, lol..


So at the North-West part of the location you will find a little shrine , and there that stupid druids... After the little bit conversation with Cernd, Dalok, Adherent, Nymph, and a shadow druids attacked the party. Casual anti druids tactics - prevent them from casting something nasty, exchanging with Insect Plagues and then transformation and stupid crazy meele combat... The Burning Earth +1 - with this weapon Khalid killed so many undeads in bg1 ... Huh..

That little shrine is called


Entrance to Druid Grove So the challenge, as for me - winning attempts by Cernd was with a: "Miscast Magic" (succeeded) + "Insect Plague" (failed) + "Summon Insects" + "Animal Summoning III" + "Animal Summoning II" . At least a justice has been prevailed. good.


Right after the party has been rested outside of the that Druid's Building the Dermin Courtardale with his band appeared..... In short: Dermin Courtardale - an invisible backstabber, Jeremon - the magician, Chrost - a priest, Thenry - meele combatant, Lennah - she with bow.


Dermin Courterdale - The dude in the hood.

Survivability: - High

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Have a hell lot of the protective magic.... Invisible. Very high damage with a backstab haste. Annoying spell arsenal.

Danger: - High

Tactics: - Like always, hide/run away, just DO NOT stand still by your low hp character, and high hp too. In general, some anti-magic, summons, anti-invisibility thing will help. And yeah, good luck...


He is tough. That fight will be a hard, like it was against well-equipped bandit groups but now with a overpowered invisible backstabber. Tactic was a simple - chaos, summons, lot of heal lot of anything that you have.. , in general case the human-NPC is more weak then other creature, because they have no immunities or resistances . Lot of reloads, but I think that was more easily then the fights against the bandits group because a location does make the effort to run away and split the party, and use some magic. - Not so hard but not so easy.


So the location is explored, basically. To the Trademeet with a good news.




Wild Forest



Location Difficulty: Low

Harmless Enemies: Ogres, Ogre Magi, Sword Spider, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblins Elite, Giant Spider, Gnolls Elite, Baby Wyverns, Wild Tiger, Panthers


Yeah looks like a little wooden place. And at the begining of location the party have meet the same Neera the Wild Magep from Docks District, and from bg1. So for I while I need to release Mazzy again, omfg. . . Yeah I remembered this Neera and her crazy magic... It is hard to forgot "Fireball" at the end of difficult battle, I do not say that the fireball is unnecessary but if you did "Stinking Cloud" to the enemies and you got the fireball to the your own party!!! this is a little bit annoying... And the 'romance' or a some kind begins in bg1 with Neera, but my avatar is refused (because of bhaal spawn and so on.. and obviously that female NPC from a warewolf's village has take the all space in my poor avatar's heart ^_* ). So the Neera and her crazy troubles and a crazy magic again... But anyway she is the one of the most powerful magician that I saw in this game.

And Yeah! This frikin' forest has a just unbelievable ability to screw oit the all of my party spells! Curse it! I hope there will be no a hard enemies.. If you will goo little bit East you will found the Ogres and Ogre Magi, there cern showed his power, 2 left - instantly using of a "Greater Warevolf Token", then out from the fight - a few second the full hp... Not a bad. In the middle of location you can found Quaid - Omfg... 2 hp is left the cursed forest..

So the Speaking Snake warned me. Okay. Little bit North-East from the speaking snake you will find a Greater Wyvern


Greater Wyvern - The large flying lizard with a horn and the bat-like wings.

Survivability: - Average

Damage: - High.

Special Abilities: - Have a good protection against missile attacks. Can fly.

Danger: - Low

Tactics: - This is a weak shadow of a greater wyvern in bg1. Split your party and hit it with something from a distance, do not go in the close combat, that would be a painful...


Suddenly after I spoke the second time to the Speaking Snake the snake attacked the party, damn! I did not want to kill this creature...

So the location is basically explored, and the party need to cross the river and lead it's way to the Hidden Refuge. Yeah The Wild Forest at the night, is a very cool!




Hidden Refuge



Location Difficulty: Casual

Harmless Enemies: none


A pretty atmospheric place with a weird trees and the little wooden made camp. You can talk to the inhabitants of that camp and receive some tasks. To finding a cats you need better a someone fast, as for me that was Rashaad. (SUN SOUL MONK). So for now I need to solve some Neera's quests...

!BEWARE I WENT TO THE WRONG WAY WILL BE RELOADING! I hope will no difficult encounters with a mad wizard like in the last time. This Daxus Taralom yeah I can not missed him indeed... OMFG! The battle in the tavern that full of innocent NPCs. Blast it! So as for me few summons, "Defensive Harmony" and the lot of luck. Outside will be the same fight.. A very good tactics if you have a SUN SOUL MONK, it is just run into enemy group and use "Sun Soulbeam" maybe this stuff would not kill the evil enemy but it will hurt and probably blind them out... "Staff of Fire +2" is a really useful! Then will be another fight against a wizards and their guards inside the building - as for me lot of damage (magical and physical), run in, run out (but the loading time of that location was so long...) = the end.

That was a mad fight! I do not want to spoil, just say that you need to open the eyes for mercenaries. Lot of summons - the end. Do not want to spoil but I managed to complete this task with a minimal NPC victims. My happy ^_^. But Neera sometimes goes mad, anyway... I left the traitor alive. OMFG OMFG OMFG THE QUESTS STILL UNRESOLVED!!! Even more there I have read that if this quest unresolved innocent NPC dying .



Reloading... and from the beginning. Yes the video-games has an opportunity if it compared to the real life. This is a LOAD possibility if you did not like a some facts. So The Wild Forest and the hello to Neera, again... In this time I will not start the second conversation with that speaking serpent... At last that cursed Wild Forest walked off..

So this time I will be smart. The quest for Knocktor the Fizzled is done! The Zaviak - the duuuuuude! ^_^ (I am versus any of a drug abuse, this is a diseases that hurts you brain added !BEWARE! Zaviak's quest cannot be completed untill Rasaad's qeust! The beginning of Rashaad's quest in the City Gate District. ) I hell no idea where this Wilson is... sad. Mereth - yes I am remember where her piece of a hair from the last attempt to solve the Neera's quest. Kirik - I reloaded few times and tied some different dialogue options. Even played with Kirik in the 20-sides dice game. But then he just runs away with no quest giving.. Reginald - same as Kirik I reloaded few times, and at last I sent the SUN SOUL MONK to deal with him, but after the battle he sjut praying for mercy. So after another reloading I forbid Rashaad from attacking Reginald - and that was work well! Barad Ding's quest I know well, I resolved it (Rashaad's speed and his abilities was a perfect to hunting down the cats, but try to save after the any of new cats you catched and check before using cat's food that is a new cat or the escaped from your inventory...) in the previous attempt such as the Mironda's problem too. Omg... The cat, why NOT!? The Frikin' zoo is. . . To the Anthaktla to solve this quests! So the almost all quest solved, at least the all that I have found, but I have doubts about Kitrik... Where the hell he is??? And King Gram have no quest too? Not it is not! Kitrik have the quest, after some time you may to speak with his mother and you will receive the quest to find his son. I do not want to spoil just say - check the North-West part of the Wild Forest. So all quests except King's one is done. I think this is the time to resolve that problems with Daxus... again. So the the battle in the tavern but in this time Daxu have his talisman and the "Collar Bell" has an amazing effectiveness when you need to deaf enemy mages and do not want to harm a civilian NPC.


And again to that cursed 'slavers market' in WP district... Neera tried to start the romance with my avatar, but I managed to refuse . Of course. As I said the heart of my avatar has been took off by one female NPC from a warewolf's village in bg1. And anyway the romance with a avatar that hunting down by a mad overpowered Jonny, and in additional with avatar that is a child of a foolish overpowered creature... That is not what Neera will be happy with...

I managed to scare the Bouncer and that is left him alive. The angry wild magician - that is something you do not want to mess with hahaha! I do not like the bloodshed but also I do not like a slavers even they are merchants.. So the fight, not so hard because you can escape outside and then make some counter-attack.

Ha! With Mironda things was even more easier and I think no mercenaries died! good. Slaves are free. Me happy ^_^ . Yeah that was a good fight. Suddenly one of the Wild Magicians is dead, but it is a much more better then in the last time... And yeah, Reginald gave to the party an awesome reward! This is a perfect against an enemy magicians.




Abandoned Amphitheater



Location Difficulty: Low

Harmless Enemies: Dire Wolves, Dangerous Moose


Yeah at night this location is a very cool looks like. And the ambient sounds - an impressive . The right East after the entrance you may found the bears and some ruins. Hopefully I managed to avoid the fight. Geld Quickblade was a very kindly one, but obviously 5k it is too much I need the money for the Imoen's rescuing. Anyway maybe he was not so bad, but attacking the strangers and killing them for a money this is a not good habits. He chosen his way by himself. So I asked the simple questions but those monks answered with a rage... Not a good way of things, indeed, but that is a casual situation for the 'ideology followers' ... Anyway the monks was like them from bg1 - an easy enemy especially against "Death". I think my judgement in the Vagrant Blades Camp was a good. So this location is explored - to the Heretic Temple! On the way the party encountered sun soul monks, hopefully I managed to avoid the violence.




Heretic Temple



Location Difficulty: Low

Harmless Enemies: Wolves, Wild Tiger


Wow! The cool place, a great artwork. I like it. After a few reloads Herath produced some useful information I wished the luck in her seeking. OMFG! THIS STUPED DEVELOPERS! I tried to find that stupid Wilson and checked almost all of the bears that I saw, with no offense, but here there are! So that quest from a Hidden Refuge cannot be resolved until Rasaad's quest. this is RIDICULOUS! And -1000 gold, omfg... I need 120k With such balance I will never find that cash...


So the Temple itself:

I do not want to spoil but after the many reloads I managed to pass through the all tests without joining to their cult. Then I have found the most peaceful solution. There will be not a hardly fights but 3x Invisible Stalker that doing over 50 dmg from the backstab against my 30 hp mage with 8 AC omg... But Fortunately the predicated "Invisibility" gave to me the advantage to use summons. After completing the quest and using "Clairvoyance" I realized that I have missed some Bounded Monks OMFG. But I really do not want to reload... I hope is there a nothing too important was.



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more like a "fun" mod than actual restoration. my advice (with all due respect to Almateria) - uninstall.

With all due respect, get bent, pal. >:-[


The restoration projekt is a must have mod. It improves the overall gamingexperience by improving the immersion.

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The restoration projekt is a must have mod. It improves the overall gamingexperience by improving the immersion.

Not so bad mod, but of course I don't accept the alll content of that. But I will install it, when I will continue my playtrough for BG2, for no I am on Siege of Dragonspear ^^
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I think it's p neat

Sorry for offtopic, but how to register on pocketplane or sorcererplace forums? Son of preacher man registration says to me than I need to obtain some "approval" from administration - is this ok, or it is a bug?
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