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Werewolf bugged after Tweak Pack 16


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After installing the Tweak pack with werewolf fixes my game seems bugged. When I create a new Shapeshifter, my uses/day for werewolf never increase. Additionally when I try to shift to regular or Greater the animation starts but never finishes and I do not actually change.


I have the Steam version of BG2EE.


I will attach my Debug file if I can figure out the attachments for this forum. Otherwise I will copy/paste it to this post as an edit.

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No reply to the first attempt at this topic, so I don't have high hopes for this post, but I will try anyway. I have installed the tweak pack for my BG:EE instance from BeamDog and the same behavior happens. With the tweak installed, I show one use of shapeshift regardless of character level, and the character starts the animation to shift, but never actually completes the action. Tested the behavior on an imported and newly created Shapeshifter. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas of a fix I can apply on my side?

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I'm having problems with the werewolf paws being used in the off hand.

main hand has weapon

off hand has paw

un-equip paw = can't re-equip it anywhere.

Other weapons equip, un-equip no problems.

main hand has paw

off hand has weapon

can un-equip, re-equip the paw (or other weapon) with no problems.

Hope that makes sense??

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