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Even more new icons for SR4


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Regeneration icons:


V1: Pacek_Light.png?raw=1Pacek_Moderate.png?raw=1Pacek_Serious.png?raw=1Pacek_Critical.png?raw=1Pacek_Regen.png?raw=1Pacek_Mass.png?raw=1



My personal choice is V1 and V3. V4 is draft at best, scratched attempt at 59 icon in states.bam as Demi suggested. I'll try to work out better design when I feel better after illness(I hate wet winters in Moscow) :down:


P.S. Happy me clicks "Post New Topic" button. Forum refuses with: Sorry, but you have posted more images than you are allowed to. WHY DO YOU HATE ME, WHYYYYYYY?!


See next variants below!

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My preference is for V2 or V3. I think V1 turned out really nice, but I never understood how the 69 symbol related to regeneration. V4 is also a nice design, but it doesn't really indicate regeneration, either. I like the choice of ankhs in V2 and V3. If you wanted to take the numerical aspect of V1 and a similar immortality concept, you could make a design based around the infinity symbol, but I don't know if that would be better than the ankhs.


For the final spell in each series, I wonder if it might look nice if the multiple mini-icons were arranged in a more symmetrical pattern (like a cross or X shape, with each mini-icon rotated so it mirrors the others).


If you want to make .bam files for all of the designs and post them here, that'd be fine, but we'll probably just settle on one to be included in the mod. I suspect the majority of players will be perfectly happy with whatever is chosen. For those that aren't, it's not asking much for them to manually make the changes they desire.


@Jarno, there's no point adding extra work for us (to create and document components) and for players (to research and make decisions) for something so small. For every choice that could be presented to the player, you have to ask whether or not it is worth it. If we added a component for every tweak of this magnitude, the mod would be filled with tons of relatively meaningless choices and installing it would be a huge pain.

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@Jarno, ...

I kno... but hear me out, I was kind of kidding about the component, but, you can make a thread similar to this one, upload the example images you need, and attach the files for each of the alternatives and link to it in the readme and vola, you have the desired effect. It's an insane idea, but you aren't even reading this anymore... :devlook:... in case you failed to notice, this is sarcastic note, about the hearing me out, not an offense.

Yes, you pick your choise... but see, the above images can't be used in game, but if you rename the uploaded files correctly, you give all the tools needed to replicate the process, and everyone will be happy.. until the linked files download system fails.

And this is better if Mike1072 does this instead of DreamSlaveOne, cause Mike can do proper icon thread of all the resources, he, Demi and others have, pin it and so forth. DSO just needs to upload the files and post them to Mike. -yes, this is my opinion...

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