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Wandering assassin groups

Gay Lord

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Reading the readme, it says that several people reported bugs with the wandering assassin groups (shorty and amazon), so they're now scripted to appear on random encounter maps. My question is, what happens if you flee the map?


Will they attack again at a later date? When they attacked on a permanent map, they remained there until slain. If they're appearing on a random encounter map, which is never repeated, then I'm guessing that if you flee them, they're gone for good, technically waiting for you on a map you can't return to. This means their xp and items are lost. This seems both silly, and illogical. If they're wandering around looking for you, running away shouldn't cause them to disappear forever (I don't know if this is actually the case).


I want to know if you flee, will they appear again, and if not, how do I implement the code in the readme that says it will allow the groups to attack on permanent maps? Also, does that have to be done before a new game, or can it be done during a game, so long as they haven't appeared yet?

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