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How does unarmed damage work?


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I'm trying to put together a system for psionic powers. I don't want to to simply be magic with slightly different descriptions (like Psionics Unleashed). And the game cannot really implement a point system for using powers.


So, I figure I would just make psionics usable at will, and impose a cost to the player so it can't be abused. I've been thinking about imposing a temporary STR and/or CON penalty for using powers. So, for instance, a "psychokinetic punch" power might do 1d6+(level/2) blunt damage, and cause a 2-point CON penalty, and your CON would regenerate 1 point per 5 rounds. So you can use this at will, but if you do it 7 or 8 times in a row, you might actually die from the strain. Experienced psionicists could learn to use this power for a reduced penalty, or at high levels, for no penalty at all.


The problem with that is, there is no visual indicator of how weakened you are. The only way to see would be to hit 'R' and look.


So it occurred to me, why not inflict the player with non-lethal damage? It should affect the character portrait just like real damage, so you could see how dangerous your use of psionics is at any given moment. And over-use would lead to you collapsing unconscious, which makes sense for psionics.


But, how does it actually work?

- Is fist/submission/non-lethal damage calculated separately from normal lethal damage?

- If I take a ton of non-lethal damage and then take a good hit from a sword and go below 0 hp, will that kill me?

- Does non-lethal damage wear off over time?


Inquiring minds want to know...

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Inquiring minds want to know...

Make two BG1 characters in a "multiplayer" game, hit the other with fists, see what happens.


And nope, it doesn't regenerate ...

And then poke the other with a knife when it's down. I am pretty sure the non lethal damage stacks on top of the leathal, but it won't kill you, you just go sleepy sleepy when the total exceeds your max HPs.

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-I believe it works exactly like lethal damage, except that you go unconscious when reduced to zero hp... I believe that you do die if hit with a normal damage if knocked unconscious.


Not sure if it heals, but I don't think so.


BTW, have you checked out the third edition handbook? It has a cool system where you can 'hold your focus'to get some bonuses, and 'release it'for an even cooler effect.


At one time I wanted to use this sort of implementation to create a psi system. Say you had a pyrokenetics power. At first level, you activate it, which gives you, say, fire resistance. If you release your focus, you can shoot a fire bolt, but lose the resistance and the power for the day. At first level, you can only hold one focus at a time, and if you select the another power, you lose focus in your first power. I didn't fully work out out, though (in terms of implementation and general mechanics)

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I considered the same idea of stat drains to pay for spells/psionics, and was going to use a DisplayStringHead to show either the current cost ("INT -1") or current adjusted stat ("INT = 15"). The distinction between lethal and non-lethal damage doesn't exist except on a "killing" blow, as GS said, so would be truly very harsh. It would also give a weird benefit to classes that are typically low in the stats that favor psionics (fighters would be better than mages).


I really like the immediacy of an on-screen indication. I never got around to writing the script for the DisplaySH, so it might be untenable, but I definitely favor that method over any other.

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