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PST run on Wine (GOG Version) - mod does not install


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Hello everyone, I've been lurking for hours now and could not find anything close enough to my problem.


The thing is, today I uninstalled PST due to other known issues (I hoped to get a clean install in order to at least see if it's related to mods), and I noticed that the mods I was using before were outdated. I had a Widescreen mod version 2.20 or something while the current one is 3.07.


However, I can't install v3.07. I have WeiDU (v237) copied to the game folder, but every time I try to install widescreen (with NO other mods installed), it goes like "The program has encountered a serious problem and needs to close."


Now, I use latest GOG version for Mac (so, a Wine-backed one), and I couldn't help but notice that this recent update is somewhat suspicious. For example, during the first run Wine usually asks to install Mono and Gecko packages, but now it asks only for one of them (either Mono or Gecko). The game itself is fine at first sight.


(I could play without widescreen tweak alright, but my saves from the previously installed game were already updated with the mod.)


Attached is the only thing that I can see after trying to run .exe from the command line shell. I guess it's a wrapper bug after all? Although I tried to run other mods as well, for example UB, and it installs fine.


If someone could provide me with the older version (v3.06) of the mod, the setup-widescreen.exe file with it, I'd really appreciate it a lot.


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