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Interjection exporter tool


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Interjection exporter tool

Author: K4thos

On the web: discussion forum

Version 1.3


Link to readme file

Download link


Interjection exporter is a tool written in WeiDU language that can be used by modders to export all interjections in game into HTML file. Finding interjection points or getting grasp on how particular NPC has been written is a lot easier when you can analyze it outside of DLG files, in a sortable table storing all important data (including dialogue file names, original and interjected text, state numbers and response position).


The tool uses PDIALOG.2DA to get the JOIN dialogue list, so it should also work for any mod that adds new NPCs and/or interjections.

If you still need to review the original files, you can find decompiled version of dialogues related to interjections in interjectionExporter/d/ directory.


You can see the example output file with all BG2:EE interjection exported to HTML file here. Notice that sorting columns in a file hosted online is very slow, so it's better to run this tool yourself and generate new local file or download the above mentioned one to your HDD.

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